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Usuario incorrecto

En mi cuenta hay un usuario que no hemos asigando. Tiene una licencia y eso no es correcto. Tampoco me permite eliminarlo ni editarlo. por favor ver, es una direccion confusa. por favor eliminar de mi cuenta y quitarle esa licenciagracias

EAAM by Listener
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Unable to Sign In with SSO

I signed up for Zoom using Google SSO. The business email I used was hosted by Google workspace at the time and have now switched to a different provider. This means I can no longer sign in using Google SSO. The password reset option is not working (...

recurring "update your card request"

I keep getting reminder-mails from Zoom saying I should update my card now. I have done it a few times and am now fed up with it (my card is just fine and valid until 2029). How can I turn this BS off? Since Zoom themselves are obviously not interest...

Multiple license for nonprofit org.

Hello,I would like to ask you for hep regrdind an alternative host. When I want to give the host the role, I recieve the following note: One or more people you want to add as alternative hosts are not licensed users or are not members of this account...

Access issue with two-step verification

Following my numerous and unsuccessful requests for assistance to unlock mytwo-step login into my account, I have not yet received any assistance to help resolve the issue. I cannot receive SMS to unlock my account and login.Kindly treat it as urgent...

CM_2024 by Listener
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Changing e-mail address

Dear community, I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to request assistance with updating the email address associated with my Zoom account.Unfortunately, I am unable to access my old email address and therefore cannot confirm the change o...