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Sound in breakout rooms

Just wondering, as soon as I tick the box 'share screen to breakout rooms' all my sound sharing options disappear. I have sound built into the Powerpoint I want to share with people in the main session and the breakout rooms. Is there a way around th...

Pip24 by Observer
  • 1 replies

Is anyone hybridizing church services?

I've been hosting remote church services for well over a year, and have been generally happy wit the outcome. I've now been asked if I can duplicate the experience inside a church that seats 150+ with a 2 story vaulted ceiling, organ and soloist. The...

JWS2021 by Observer
  • 2 replies

Resolved! How can I disable camera on Zoom?

I'm new to Zoom so apologies in advance for asking what may be an egregiously dumb question. I've been trying -- without success -- to disable the camera on Zoom. I've searched for the answer both on Zoom's website and the Internet. One solution, for...

Zoom Room Share Content button not available

We have multiple Zoom Rooms set up with Polycom touch displays. Recently, we have had issues when selecting the "Share Content" button. We are able to enter the menu, but the "Share" button is not appearing to begin sharing content. Has anyone had is...

MBC by Observer
  • 12 replies

Call center with zoom?

Hi, I want to know if it's possible to make a call center with Zoom meeting? I just saw that Zoom Phone has this feature, but is it possible to do this in Zoom meeting? This is how I would like it to work: someone connects to a "general meeting" and ...

Mathieu by Observer
  • 1 replies

Calling H323 rooms

Hello,I have difficulties when I try to call a H323 Room.We have bought several licences that allox us to join a Zoom meeting from our H323 rooms ; it's OK.But when I try to call these H323 rooms from my Zoom Client, or from a Zoom room, it cannot co...

Video layout (Speaker view and Gallery view)

Hello all,I would ask if is possible setup the video layout as Gallery View into the admin console so that all host will have this option already enabled when joins a meeting.Otherwise, if this option will be set via API integration.Thanks in advance...

Share Content Shows 4 Images

When sharing content via the HDMI input in our Zoom Room today, the content appeared fine in the room, but displayed 4 times in the top 25% of the screen with another row of distorted video in the 2nd 25%. Changing views or PC's connected to the HDMI...

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