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Recording in low quality

Good afternoon! My zoom is saving the meetings at 640x360 both cloud and computer, but I have a 4k camera from Sony (Sony ZV1)Is there a setting to make the camera better online? I use a Video capture.My plan was for the recordings to come out in 720...

recaptcha error in registration on invitation

Invitation is not working with recaptcha format. Unable to register with the Personal Meeting for Wednesday Thursday June 15 6 pm PST meeting. I am the creator and was wondering if others are having the same problem. It is in a circle where it will c...

Having Trouble Accessing Recordings

My teacher has shared a link with us to view the cloud recording, but the page does not load to the recording, instead it keeps reloading to the registration page, is there any solution to this? why is it doing this??

jen221 by Observer
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