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Gallery View Switches to Speaker View After Screenshare

ON IPAD: Up until this week, June 16, 2024, if someone shared their screen during a meeting, it would go back to gallery view, which is the correct view/setting.Now when a participant ends a screen-share session, it goes automatically into speaker vi...

Resolved! Zoom Meeting Practice Using Scheduled Meeting

Hello, I scheduled a large Zoom meeting that is a client event for work, using registration. Can I use the exact same meeting link to practice with the meeting host/presenters (a day or more ahead of time), or will this mess up my scheduled meeting? ...

Globe icon not appearing during the meeting

Hi, I have Pro Business License, I have the language interpretation function enabled, but the icon (the globe) is not showing up on my dashboard during the meeting. Where did it go? Can someone please assist with this? Thank you!

Unable to move participant into breakout room

We have a large training that we are running (~110-115 people). During these meetings, I make all facilitators and notetakers co-host so that they can mute people and troubleshoot issues in their breakout rooms, including moving people into the tech ...

Resolved! Waiting Room won't turn off

Hi there, I have tried and tried again to turn off the waiting room in my Zoom account, and even though the settings show it to be off, and show that participants can join without the host, it never works. Any suggestions?

OregonCB by Newcomer
  • 27 replies

cannot join meetings

Using latest version of free Zoom with latest version of Firefox, on a Windows 10 PC I cannot join meetings. When I input the meeting ID, or the ID associated with my account, Zoom either takes me to the Firefox homepage on the tab I am using, closes...

STEVEXX by New Member
  • 1 replies

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