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Over note-taking?

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Zoom meeting blocked

I am at present running a series of teaching sessions on Zoom. One of my students cannot connect because, as she writes, she is receiving the message "meeting not available from Canada". I am based in Spain, have a paid Zoom account and am using Zoom...

Personal meeting ID

I would like my personal meeting ID to be the same for all of my scheduled meetings. Every time I schedule a meeting, it produces a new meeting ID. Can I change this to my personal meeting ID? Thanks

Mentimeter video doesn't work in webinars

Hi, I use the mentimeter integration in zoom webinars, but for some reason video slides never work during the webinar itself, it stays stuck while loading the videos, while in the 'regular' mentimeter environment it works normally. Does anyone know h...

Tim10 by Observer
  • 0 replies

Webinar registration, double opt-in

Hi dear community,we here in the EU have to ask during the webinar registration for a double opt-in. Process: The user fills out the registration form.Then Zoom should send an email to the user, asking him/her to confirm the emailThen Zoom should sen...

Sipar by Listener
  • 2 replies

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