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Phone Prompts

Hello friends, Not sure if this is even an option. Does zoom possess the capability for a customer to call my business line, hear a voice message that states press one to receive a quote with that option being forwarded to my admin, and a second opti...

Can I keep my Meeting Room if I change subscriptions?

I couldn't find this answer on the website, I hope someone here can help me. My employer is ending their contract with Zoom next month (July). This means I'm loosing my company zoom account. I plan to purchase my own pro account because it's made col...

Skogs_5 by Observer
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Resolved! Equipay class action suit

Hello zoomers, i got an email from equipay stating that I would get a refund of $53 and change due to a class action privacy suit.did anyone else get that?here is the suspicious part."As Administrator for the matter, we’re sending you this courtesy e...

Camera problem person cannot see me

My camera is on and working. It is working when I run a test meeting, but during my meeting My teacher cannot see me and when I click on start video a message "video camera cannot be found" pops up but my camera is on and I can see myself.

curtisk by Listener
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No audio on Zoom for Chrome PWA

I recently installed Zoom's Chrome for PWA on my Chromebook. During the install I allowed access for video and audio. I use an external Jabra speaker/mic device. When I start/join a meeting I select Join audio by computer. Though other meeting partic...


i have had a paid premium account for a while but now want to go back to the basic free account, can't make that happen. my paid membership is through the 9th of june and i can't even set up a meeting for this week!

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