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Visual impairment

My boss is visually impaired and uses Zoom for presentations. With the new update, when he enlarges his screen to see better, it now zooms in for all viewers as well.Previously, only his screen would be magnified, allowing the viewers to see the pres...

Can you enlarge a past recording?

We just did a Zoom meeting and recorded it. This is the first time that we have a small visual within a large black frame. I did not intentionally (and I don't believe accidentally) changed the settings. Perhaps Zoom in an upgrade made an adjustment....

SOC1 by Listener
  • 2 replies

Display Name vs Account Name

Hi! Hoping someone can help. I work for a small business and made a pro account. When I send a meeting link, I want it to read -"Business Company" is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: "Business Company's" Personal Meeting Room But when...

Screen sharing a maximised PowerPoint

I am having problems with sharing a PPT. When I Screen Share the ppt it is fine and my participants can see first slide. But when I progress slides, whilst they click forward on my screen (host) they are stuck on Slide No 1 for particia

JudyT by Observer
  • 1 replies

Can't find recording

Hi, I just conducted an interview using Zoom. the meeting was recorded but I did not host the conversation. When the meeting ended, I did not receive a local download and the host says that the conversation is not in his cloud files. The conversation...

What have paid for?

I recently purchased an annual plan for 'Zoom Sessions Pay Per Attendee Annual' at the cost of £74 for 50 attendees. I am not in the least bit sure what I gain from having made the purchase!! I am conducting monthly webinars for small numbers of peop...

Can i automate Zoom Phone SMS in salesforce

Hi All,I would like to know if I can automate sending SMS with Zoom Phone - Salesforce Integration. My requirement is to send an SMS at a trigger point on the Lead or Contact record. Like when Lead record status is 'Nurturing' then send an SMS to the...

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