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hi i am new

hi i am really new and i am looking for a friend(I am not going to tell you anything about me and pls do not ask about anything about me)I do not care if you tell me stuff about you and if you do I will not blackmail you or use this against you so pl...

Zoop marketplace api

Hi all,I'm looking and not finding, does zoom api export some api that returns users installed applications? Is there a marketplace api?

my (developer) account is disabled

Hello, I can't connect anymore to the developer account I use to register my App.It says : "Account is disabled. Please contact your account owner or administrator." Or I don't have any other accounts. There's no clues in the help center nor in the c...

BenL by Observer
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Zoom App Scope not showing up as an option

Hello,I am trying to create an app where I need to install an app on Zoom, and in the OAuth documentation, it says that the Zoom App Scope allows you to do that. The issue I'm having is it's not even an option. Is there something I need to do to have...


Zoom andPardotの連携を行おうとしています。Zoom Marketplceから指定のPardotのアプリをダウンロードし、相互を連携させました。ウェビナーの設定を進めていたのですが、「リストからPardotで見込み客を生成」のみ表示され、「Form HandlerからPardotで見客を作成」が表示されません。参加者リストをPardotへ取り込む場合、これが必要となります。どのようにすれば改善できますか。よろしくお願いいたします。

erumo by Observer
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Resolved! API Scope "report:read:admin" greyed out in App permissions

Hi All, We're looking to add the report:read:admin scope to our app's integration to Zoom OAuth.This is to have Zoom send registered meeting participant's leave_time and duration back to our app (using JSON) for our internal past meeting participant ...

zoom-scopes.png no-report-scope.png

Schedule Privilege

I am getting this error when I try to schedule on behalf of someone else. However, when I click on "Click Here" it takes me to the App page. I have already clicked on "Enable" and have updated. "Schedule For" is not available because Shared Access Pe...

Zoom Marketplaceから「ZoomforPardot」SalesforceをDLしましたが…

Zoom Marketplaceというサイトから「ZoomforPardot」Salesforceパッケージをインストールしました。Salesforceのログイン、Zoomのログインも行いました。アプリがどこへインストールされているかわからず、インストールが無事に完了されたか不明です。どのようにすればインストールが完了しているか確認できますか?ご存じの方、教えてください。

erumo by Observer
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Unable to open sdk_demo_v2.sln file in visual studio

I’m trying to follow the SDK documentation for windows but when I try to open the sdk_demo_v2.sln in Visual Studio 2019 . file, it gets unloaded. Without opening this file, I won’t be able to do the zoom integrationWhich Windows Meeting SDK version?v...

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