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The Zoom community wants to celebrate the supportive collaboration taking place amongst community members by rewarding users with points, reputation levels, leaderboards, and badges.

Reputation Levels

As you actively engage in the community, you will earn points for the various contributions that you make. The more points you earn, you will advance in community reputation level.


Along with receiving points for your community contributions, you will also unlock badges. Badges are earned when you complete a certain amount of activities and reach a level of achievement. Badges are a great way to show off your hard work and helpful participation in the community!


Our leaderboards help showcase all of the great work our users are doing in the community! We want to recognize those that have provided the most helpful solutions. These are community members who help showcase great community work by providing helpful solutions and authored popular content.

Important Note: The success of the community is measured by all participants abiding by our Community Terms and Guidelines. Please do not abuse our Happy Rewards program by performing activities that would inaccurately boost your points, the retrieval of badges, and/or your leaderboard ranking. We want to rightly honor those in the community who perform helpful and supportive contributions. We reserve the right to take action on any member who abuses this system by the removal of points, badges, or ranking.