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Problem: Video switches to wide angle during meeting

Sometimes during a Zoom meeting, my video (for myself but also what other participants see) suddenly switches to wide angle view. If this happens, I can not seem to get my view back to normal/close up. Hiding and restarting video during the meeting d...

L94 by Observer
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Deleted users

Hi There,Is there a way or function through which I can know the accounts that have been deleted, with an explanation of the exact time of the deletion process?

Remove participants names

On video settings I have un-ticked the box 'Always display participants names' however their names still appear for both eh meeting and on the recording. This means I can't share the recording so I really need to find a way to remove their names from...

Reminder in webinar

Hello, I would like to ask support people in ZOOM company if they can insert in reminder email some textbox, where I can explain in Slovak language what people should do. I am sending reminder but people (in Slovakia) don't understand english text. I...

argama by Observer
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Multiple zoom ivites being sent

we have one user that if he sends an invite to a customer Zoom will auto repeat the invite every minute sending multiple emails each with a different code - We email through SALESFORCE but none of our other users are affected in this way, any ideas w...

Amandal by Observer
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Accessing reports for who attended zoom meetings

Hello, I'm trying to access reports to tell me which participants attended a zoom meeting. I have a zoom pro account, I've clicked Account Management > Reports > Meeting and searched for the day of the meeting. There is No Data. I've attached a coupl...

Why does my video go into a wide angle whenever I speak?

When I start my video in a zoom call it's normal. As long as I am muted it stays this way. But when I unmute myself to speak, it goes into a wide angle. I become smaller in the center of the video and my background is more visible. This is very irrit...

How the owner account bypasses SSO

Hello, Our Zoo tenant forces users to SSO authentication, but we would like to log in the owner user with email authentication instead of SSO authentication.And, I've found the following article and understood the way to bypass SSO. https://support.z...

kkmac by Observer
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zoom meeting report including attendance

hello , any help about that issue , a month ago I could export meeting usage report with attendance details and including join time leave time and recording consent however, I can't find this option right now in my dashboard of my pro plan any help o...

Zoom Events test environment

Hi everyone! If you have issues with the new Zoom Events Platform and would like to run a test, you are invited to join the Zoom Events FB group where we run a test conference every Tuesday 13:00 CET.

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