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No audio when screen sharing

I've seen similar, but not quite the same problem. When I am hosting, as soon as I screen share, my audio mutes. If I stop screen share, audio returns. I unmute, but it goes right back to mute. This is only with Chrome PWA. I did not have this proble...

Ronbsg by Listener
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Cannot send a text messages

I cannot send text messages to external phone numbers unrelated to the Zoom client. I do not know why. Anyone else working in my organization can do it, and I have a problem (screenshot). The settings are the same as for all of them. Does anyone have...

PJ610 by Observer
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Image on Whiteboard easily erased

Hello. I tutor math, so I frequently need to put an image of the problem up and then use the writing tools to show steps etc. However, the eraser tool will usually erase the image first. Undo does work, but it always puts the image back as the top la...

More Ubuntu Sound input issues

Hi,I've got an Ubuntu machine with multiple known-good sound input devices but put no sound into any zoom meetings. Both my built-ins and multiple USB devices, all tested with multiple other apps. Interesting thing is, in the Audio Settings panel of ...

qv by Observer
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old version

I think Id & meeting during live session if old version.? If yes ! then you makes the wrong decision. What does FOC mean? Thanks

Can't delete my profile picture

I want zoom to display just my initials, like when you have no profile picture, but every time I got to the web settings and delete my profile picture, it keeps re-appearing in the next logon (it uses my Gmail account picture).How can I prevent that?

Error when launching zoom

Hello, we have tried installing two versions(5.10.6 and 5.10.2) of Zoom and it has been happening on both of them. the installation we did not run into any issues. I am using SCCM to deploy the application and has both 32bit and 64 bit version of Mic...

Can't find the recording

Hello to everyone! Last week i hosted a zoom call. It was launched from Pro account. This account made me a host another user and left the meeting. And I started recording. The recording was made on the cloud. And now I can't find this record( Where ...

anna14 by Observer
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'Host has muted/unmuted you' automatic error

I'm in a group meeting (usually, but not always, a break out room) using Zoom via Chrome browser (Macbook Pro) when I notice the pop-up text come on my screen 'Host has muted you' or 'Host has unmuted you', and the red muted mic icon appears respecti...

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