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Watermark to Zoom recordings?

Can I Watermark to my Zoom recordings?? and If not possible directly, If I added watermark to the original meeting which seems possible, will it appear during watching the recordings for anyone who will register to watch the recording??

I attended a meeting but I do not show on attendance

Hi! I recently joined a zoom meeting from my google account on my laptop and then switch periodically to the google account on my phone. When I zoomed from my phone the host said that I was not showing up as a participant and that I did not show up o...

How to delete a poll?

This used to be an easy process but since the update, there no longer seems to be functionality to delete a poll from a meeting. Furthermore, ALL polls saved in the Poll Library are showing up in ALL meetings which is a disaster. Zoom please fix. I'm...

Resolved! I can't sing in today, please help

HiToday when I enter my email (at and my password trying to sing in with my Apple ID, I can see that the web page accept my password, but then, it redirects me to the sing in page again (instead of my account page). What's going on?

Olga14 by Listener
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Resolved! Video and Sound not synchronised on Windows 11

I recently got a new laptop running Windows 11 rather than Windows 10 on my old laptop. Now I am getting complaints from others that, for the first time, my sound is slightly behind my video on Zoom Meetings. My guess is that it's probably a Windows ...

Samsung smart monitor M7

I purchased a Samsung smart monitor (M7). The Samsung rep told me I could do Zoom meetings with the monitor and accessory camera by logging onto the internet function of the smart monitor. (I have the chat conversation with the rep saved. ) I spent h...