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What is Zoom Whiteboard?

Zoom Whiteboard is an all-in-one virtual workspace tool for hybrid and remote teams that creates a place to share ideas before, during, and after a Zoom Meeting. Explore the Zoom Community's Recent Activity below to join the whiteboard conversation and connect with other members. If you are still looking for support, browse our Zoom Whiteboard support articles or start a new discussion below!

Recent Activity

Whiteboard shows blank on any page after the first one.

I have prepared a few boards for the whiteboard before my meetings.When I go live only the first page content can be seen by me and the participants of the meeting.When I go to the 2nd or 3rd page all I get is a blank screen, no content at all. If I ...

Zoom whiteboard keeps eating penstrokes

I've been using the Zoom Whiteboard (not the physical whiteboard) on my computer with a Wacom drawing tablet. Unfortunately, something has changed and now my penstrokes are being eaten and replaced with dots. I believe this is some kind of double cli...

Josh_314_0-1663616109414.png Josh_314_1-1663616181981.png Josh_314_2-1663616225572.png

Enable multi-player games

I use Zoom to connect with long distant grandchildren. We also like to play games using the game room concept of several sites such as, and . We play these games in a separate window while in our ...

Disable double click to enter fullscreen in whiteboard

Hi, If I write on the white board with a wacom tablet, it always register my fast writing as double tapping, so I keep entering and exiting the fullscreen mode when writing. It is very disruptive. Is it possible to turn off this feature and just stic...

Sharing zoom whiteboard outside my organization

I am trying to use the whiteboard function for an activity that a group would complete outside a meeting. Most participants are not in my organization. Basically, i want to use this like I would use a google jamboard (but with the added cool features...

Left Hand Icons

I used the Whiteboard feature as recently as last week. Today, there are no left-hand icons, so I can't write anything. As a Zoom math tutor, a collaborative whiteboard is pretty important. I'm thinking the screen size got changed? Or I hit something...

Unable to Edit Whiteboard as the Host

I'm new to using the Zoom Whiteboard but I've had nothing but problems with it. I'm a teacher using it to host a class with 20 participants. My first time using it it worked beautifully for all of 10 minutes. Then I was unable to edit the board anymo...

SEnns by Listener
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Whiteboard tab not visible

Hello I started to use Whiteboard when it first came out, then left it. Now I am returning to Zoom and cannot see the whiteboard tab in the meeting controls. I have enabled whiteboard in settings. See attached screenshots. Help!

ChrisH1 by Listener
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