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I have problems renewing my PRO Plan

Hello ZOOM team. I have made my payment to renew my PRO plan, however they have downgraded me from PRO to basic in recent days. I need the platform ready, since I have been teaching courses through this platform since 2018 and I had not had any probl...

drios by Observer
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Update free account

I have not using zoom for a while, I have the free account. Is there a way I can make sure I have the updated version? I already clicked on my profile picture as it says... but I don't have the options *updating my account.I just have -plans and bill...

Jayne5 by Observer
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Zoom Scheduling Issue

Hi When creating an event from my manager's calendar (Gmail) the event that I created does not show on Conversely, when I log in with my manager's credentials, create an event from her account, it shows in but I can't get it to sho...

KW1290 by Observer
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Account access

I have had a basic Zoom account for years. Recently, a Zoom One Pro plan for a non-profit I work with was transferred to my email account. I thought I had followed all the steps. When I log into Zoom I see that the One Pro plan is there with correct ...


I am showing that I have 2 accounts linked.. my Apple account which is my sign in and also a work account. I have never signed up with an additional email. Also when I log into a meeting a participant constantly shows up using the Participant App. I ...