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Cannot find my account

I have a Zoom account for $160/year. Want to cancel it. When i go to web portal i am immediately logged in on old email, and into a basic -free-account. I absolutely go in circles on the website trying to log out and re log in on new email -i just re...

Can't Downgrade or Cancel Contract

We are a small nonprofit that works with the elderly population. Unfortunately, we are in a difficult financial situation and would like to downgrade our plan so we can keep our organization afloat. But the Zoom Sales Team, who were extremely eager t...

MS2023 by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Two accounts, one email address

My wife was trying to replace the lost password for her account when I thought to use her Apple account to access it. I ended up creating a new account with the same email address. The new account masks the old one and became the login for that email...

rblevow by Newcomer
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Workplace Pro plan pricing

Bot can't understand me. Basic question! The pricing table says the above is £119.90 per year. On our account it says next payment due is £129.90 . The difference is too small for VAT and it does say that the latter includes taxes in any case. Anyone...