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Subsciption Cancellation and Refund

I require assistance as I do not want to renew my annual subscription (was auto-renewed on 11 January 2024). I have tried numerous times to reach Zoom support but was very disappointed as I find it difficult to do it online. Finally, I canceled my Zo...

Resolved! How to get a response from Zoom?

I use paid Zoom so that it is HIPAA compliant. However, despite repeated e-mails for the last month, I cannot get in touch with the Sales team to sign a BAA (which I was told is who I need to contact after first trying a Support ticket). Has anyone e...

Update free account

I have not using zoom for a while, I have the free account. Is there a way I can make sure I have the updated version? I already clicked on my profile picture as it says... but I don't have the options *updating my account.I just have -plans and bill...

Jayne5 by Listener
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Cannot log in with apple ID

Hi My zoom account which logs in through my apple ID recently expired. I have renewed it on the app store > 24 hours ago but cannot log in. There is no error message. Once I enter the username and password, it just goes back to the login screen. The ...

Fuzail by Listener
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account renewal

I have renewed My Zoom Version last week and I cannot enter my meetings any more. I don`t find any contact to answer my problem. Please help.

anaa by Listener
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