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Welcome to the Community Social Corner!

The Community Social Corner is a space for Zoom users to socialize with fellow community members from across the globe. Connect with users through everyday wins, success stories, favorite features, creative techniques, and more. Share fun, engaging, and collaborative stories in your use of Zoom. This is a space meant for YOU!

Recent Activity

Install or update zoom for windows with a script

SCRIPT I wanted to upload this here for any users, helpdesk employees, or network admins that would like it.This script checks if zoom is installed or outdatedFrom there if not installed it installs the newest versionIf it is installed then it remove...

Celebrating 200K Members!!!

It's time to celebrate!!  The Zoom Community team is excited to share that we have hit the HUGE milestone of 200,000 community members. It is impressive to see how quickly our community has grown in a little under one and a half years! However, th...

200K Members!.gif
Bri by Zoom Moderator
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How can transfer code be used?

Hello Zoom, I have seen there is an option of generating a token for transferring account to the reseller account in Account profile. Can anyone help me where can I find the field to enter the code?

Happy New Year to the Zoom Community! NEW YEAR!  The Zoom Community Team would like to express our gratitude toward each and every one of you for making 2022 such a successful year for our community! This year we grew to over 190,000 community members, and we ar...

Bri by Zoom Moderator
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Favorite Holiday Activity or Tradition!

Hello Zoomers! The holiday season is in full swing, so I have to ask... What is your favorite holiday activity or tradition? ❄️☃️ (Bonus points if it is something that can be done on Zoom ) -- My family and I usually wake up really early on Christma...

Bri by Zoom Moderator
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اثق في نفسك

لا تستمع لأي شخص يسبب لك إحباطات أو يقلل من طموحاتك. الناجحون يثقون دائماً في قدرتهم على النجاح.

MM13 by Listener
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Let's Celebrate!

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