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Zoom is fraud. They just steal your money!


So, I had a business account for my Digital Marketing agency. We paid for 15 yearly licenses and one day (after 5 months of usage) all our accounts has been blocked.


I've tried to file appeal multiple times - nothing, tried to contact billing by the phone and emails multiple times - nothing.


The answer is always "automated". First all our accounts has received an email:


We've detected an issue with ****@******, associated with your Zoom account, that violates the Acceptable Use Guidelines or section 3(d) of Zoom's Terms of Service . For this reason, this user has been suspended.
Please reach out to the email owner and let them know if they wish to dispute this decision, they may submit an appeal .


The fun thing, there's no such section. After I noticed that they have answered:

We’ve detected an issue with your account that violated our Terms of Service and Community Standards. In particular, this issue violated section 8 of the Zoom Terms of Service and resulted in a permanent block on your account.

But you can see that section 8 is an extremely big section. Of course nobody answered or provided any evidence of the violation, or at least explained what had happened. As well after that automatic answer that they "reviewed" an appeal the ticket is immediately closed. So I can't even continue asking questions.


So after 1 months of tries to receive any info or any money, still nothing.


They have just continued closing appeals with no answers or with automatic answers. As for now they have money for 15 business licenses which is big amount of money. And they just took them, that's it! Without any evidence, without anything, just because they can!


Give my accounts back, or give me my money back! JUST DO ANYTHING! but you can't just say: We don't care, we took your money, do whatever you want!


So would be very glad if anyone can help!


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @JoseDigmarket im sorry to hear about your experience with all this! Knowing that can be extremely frustrating; may I ask if you have already filed an appeal? I know it's been a while since you posted this, but have you heard anything back? If you haven't already done so, you can do so at


Once you've filed an appeal, our internal teams will be able to tell you more about why this is happening.

Zoom Community Moderator

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Hello! I am happy to see a moderator here! 

My problem is that I had to download a new app and it shows my account as "Basic" even though my monthly zoom pro payments are up to date! Pushing "subscription recovery"  several times within the last 2 weeks has not helped. Where can I write please to have this recognized in the new app? 


Hi, I have for years Zoom Pro but I don't get help with the chat. So I'm trying to get an answer here. But if Elizabeth is still waiting, that seems hopeless. I read online the step to enable webinar email ICS calendar, but I can't find this button where I can inlclude an attachment. Where can I find it with (Dutch version) of Zoom Pro?



The first thing