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What are Zoom Meetings?

Zoom Meetings are a simplified video conferencing solution for an optimized virtual meeting experience. Explore the Zoom Community's Recent Activity below to join the Meetings conversation and connect with other members. If you're still looking for support, browse our Zoom Meetings support articles or start a new discussion below!

Recent Activity

problem with screen recording

for several months now, when I watch my recordings it is not in side-by-side mode. However, during the course/zoom meeting, the side-by-side mode has always been activated and I even see that the shared screen on the left and the video of the speaker...

Recording issue

Without any known changes in my computer settings i am unable to control whether the meeting is recorded onto cloud or computer. IT happens when i join someone else's Meeting room which i do frequently. He makes me co host so i can record onto my own...

Gabi9 by Newcomer
  • 0 replies

Adjust toolbar in meetings

It is utterly irritating that Breakout Rooms and Chat are not visible in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, becasue the space is taken up by weird and to me rather useless additions such as AI, summary, apps, notebook ... But chat and break out...

Irehal by Newcomer
  • 0 replies

White screen

Hello, my video screen keeps going white. Sometimes after about 10 minutes my image appears but then it might disappear again. Can anyone tell me which settings I need to change to resolve this issue? Many thanks! Add tags

SSH by Newcomer
  • 14 replies

How do you delete chats on the zoom app?

Hello,there are "chat" meetings scheduled on my app. I did not create them and there is no way to manually delete them. I don't know what they are, why they're there, or who added them to my schedule. I tried uninstalling the app on my Mac desktop an...

Kait by Newcomer
  • 0 replies

webinar replays

hi all when downloading zoom webinar replays im only accessing 3 files on my account however on my clients theyre getting 7-8 which is what im after is there a subscription that allows this or is it a setting ?