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Throttling of output video resolution and frame rate

we notice that when there is high image complexity, zoom will throttle down the video output resolution and possibly frame rate to get the same quality through the pipe. is there a way to force a lower starting resolution and a fixed frame rate so th...

cdk by Observer
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Resolved! Static camera view - dedicated picture

I currently use Zoom as my remote platform when hosting podcast guests. I am in my studio with multiple local cameras and I record (and save) the Zoom feed of the guest. When I "pin" the guest on my monitor, and then go full screen, I only "see" the ...

Resolved! Zoom Not Helping Me

Hey there. So, I am fairly Zoom-savvy and just need a simple question answered (which, strangely, seems to be very challenging for Zoom). Suddenly, and without warning, the preview box stopped coming up before starting my meetings. I like to be able ...

speaker video not showing

I have had an issue for about a month now where the speaker's video goes black when they are speaking. When the speaker changes, the video comes back for the person that had been speaking. The result is that I am looking at the videos of just the oth...

rgeorge by Listener
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Resolved! Zoom was narrating everything

Hello All, I'm seeking support on Zoom technical issue which i faced yesterday during hosting a meeting where I was sharing my screen (sharing videos and audios), accepting participants from waiting room etc. The problem which I faced was that the zo...

Can't open zoom meeting

I am receiving generic error message while opening zoom meeting. "Update required.You must update to the latest version of zoom to join this meeting. Contact your IT admin to update." I am admin. I have deinstalled and installed latest version but st...

subypal by Observer
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Resolved! Video has Blue Tint

After update version 5.17.0 (27246)My video now has a blue tint. I'm using an iMac, (AMD Radeon Pro 5500 XT 8 GB - 3.6 GHz 10-Core Intel Core i9 and 14.1.2 (23B92)) with Canon M50 with a Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro... When I use built in camera it seems...