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Is there a human at Zoom?

The suggestions haven't worked. The issue is simple. Is there any human there who is willing to help me? With ACTUAL customer service? It's not that big an issue. It shouldn't require this much effort to get it solved. Thanks.

Help! I cannot access my paid account.

I cannot access my paid account. I created a Zoom meeting this past Wednesday morning, but I could not login to my account to have the scheduled meeting for Bible Study on Wednesday evening. I have not talked to a person who could help me, yet. When ...

mlcox75 by Listener
  • 2 replies

Host names mixing up

Hi there community,Little question.Sometimes when I'm the host in a meeting, and someone else is also host or co-host, our names are mixed up in the chat. For example it would seem like someone else has commented or reacted to a comment in my name, w...

Resolved! I can't sing in today, please help

HiToday when I enter my email (at and my password trying to sing in with my Apple ID, I can see that the web page accept my password, but then, it redirects me to the sing in page again (instead of my account page). What's going on?

Olga14 by Listener
  • 23 replies

I attended a meeting but I do not show on attendance

Hi! I recently joined a zoom meeting from my google account on my laptop and then switch periodically to the google account on my phone. When I zoomed from my phone the host said that I was not showing up as a participant and that I did not show up o...

Saving survey as template

Hi, I have reviewed the past community inquiries regarding saving surveys as templates, and it appears that there were no solutions available between 2021-2022. Wonder if it is now possible to save surveys as templates? Thanks!

JSZY by Listener
  • 0 replies

Resolved! Fade to grey / slow dissolve at end of meetings

I've been wondering if it would be possible to end Zoom meetings a little less abruptly. I find it quite disconcerting when the host ends a meeting, and suddenly you are left with a blank screen or your desktop. Especially for more arts based session...