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Zoom Community Guidelines

Zoom Moderator

Welcome to the Zoom Community! 


This online community is a collaborative space for all Zoom users to start discussions, ask questions, and resolve inquiries. We encourage all community members to leverage the collaborative benefits of this community by connecting with peers, collaborating on ideas, and sharing helpful solutions. 


While we welcome all Zoom users to participate in our community, we ask that all individuals adhere to our community guidelines to maintain a safe, respectful, and friendly environment. 

Be respectful.
Respect other community members by maintaining a positive tone and helpful attitude. Even if you disagree with someone, please refrain from name-calling or responding in a derogatory manner. Always think before you post.





Maintain professionalism.
Please stay on topic and provide relevant contributions. Avoid any act of hate speech, inappropriate, abusive, offensive language. Please refrain from posting false or misleading information and unsolicited advertisements. Do not spam the community with promotional or commercial content.






Protect your privacy and the privacy of others.
Refrain from exposing any personally identifiable information (such as email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, meeting IDs, and payment information). For the protection and safety of our customers, this type of information is not allowed to be shared on our public forum. 


Please remember that your contributions in Zoom Community will be publicly accessible.





If you see a problem, flag it.
This community has moderators who will be working diligently to ensure a safe, friendly environment. However, with your help, please notify us within the community by choosing "Report Inappropriate Content" from the message's Options menu if you feel the content is inappropriate.




Be helpful.
Your participation in the community is what makes it a success. Please leverage the benefits of the community by providing helpful contributions.



Search first.
Before starting a discussion, search to ensure your same discussion has not already been started. 




Post in the relevant forum.
Post your discussion in the forum that most closely relates to your topic. This will help keep content organized, and get your discussion in front of the appropriate subject matter experts.





Celebrate Others.
Acknowledge others when their reply was helpful by marking their reply as the accepted solution or giving kudos for a helpful post or reply.



Deliver happiness.
Provide insightful and meaningful contributions when participating in the community. Help us maintain a safe, fun, and respectful online space.