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Scheduling a meeting invites are not being sent

Within the past month or so, whenever I schedule a meeting and add invitees, they do not receive the email. I have to send a separate email with a Zoom link that I copied from the original. How do I fix this? It is very frustrating that people are no...

Recurring Meetings all but disappeared in V.6

It seems to me that V6, grandly renamed Zoom Workplace, is a less than welcome regression as far as usability is concerned when dealing with recurring meetings. Recurring meetings are hidden as a tiny afterthought at the bottom of the calendar tab, w...

LnzMrt by Listener
  • 8 replies

when I add an attendee they don't receive an email

Why is it that when I enter an attendees email into a meeting that they don't actually receive an email? I've tried scheduling a meeting as a test with myself as with other people and they never actually receive an invite. Is this a Zoom problem or i...

7395agc by Listener
  • 1 replies

Scheduling Attendees list blank

Hello On my Ipad, I have my contacts within the Zoom app. However, when I schedule a meeting and add attendees. It's blank I have to type out all the attendees. Rather than it pulling from my contacts list.

EMAIL Switching! QUICK help! :)

Hi All! I just got my business email set up so want to switch my paid-for Zoom account over to my business email so it's associated with it and everything is streamlined. Both my personal and work emails are Google emails so I think should be fine bu...

alliem by Listener
  • 1 replies

Client Zoom Meetings

We have run across an issue with our meetings.Ours are setup to needing let in the meeting.We have had 3 instances this week when the person who set the meeting ended up unavailable at the last minute.What is the best way to not have to re-setup a ne...

dm6939 by Listener
  • 1 replies

Participants Joining a Meeting - Security Options

When I set up a zoom meeting, it seems there are only two security options, and cannot skip either of them. One is Waiting Room, two is only authenticated users can join (and must sign in). Is there not a way to skip this and just allow them to join ...