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Resolved! High quality microphone audio in Zoom

Hi Folks, I am part of an external Zoom-related user community - called "Office Hours". Today we will be having a Zoom Webinar on how to improve your Zoom audio with high quality microphones. The Webinar starts at 9AM US/Central - and the audio segme...

Rupert by Note Taker
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Sound share issues with Apple Music

I primarily use zoom with sharing my music in the background. I use the advanced screen share, share audio. I have done some troubleshooting and people on the other end can hear the shared audio with youtube and spotify, but when I open and use apple...

squeaky mic problem

I've been using Zoom for a year and a half now, and every time I enter a room or start a meeting I have to test my microphone. This is because almost every time I do, my mic output goes squeaky. Lucky for me I have both a remote mic and a system mic,...

Favorite feature?

What is your favorite feature in Zoom? Mine is HD-Video and being able to output NDI from a Zoom Room.

Rupert by Note Taker
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Music and Professional Audio being collapsed

I have found that when in a meeting using Music and Professional Audio, High Fidelity Music Mode and Stereo Audio, if someone joins the Meeting using Telephone Audio (using a Zoom dial-in phone number) the audio quality of the entire meeting gets dro...

Rupert by Note Taker
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Using alternate audio devices with Zoom iOS app

I work with a not for profit which hosts weekly meetings both in person and using Zoom. Their default host device is an iPad. The usual meeting room is large and I would like to use a Bluetooth conference-phone as the default mic for the room. I woul...

How can I boost/reduce volume for specific participants

when I'm watching a discussion between 2 or 3 participants, it would be really good to be able to level up their audio on my view, either automatically, or manually: Boost someone who is really quiet or quieten the noisy one that makes the quiet one ...

GemT by Observer
  • 6 replies

Zoom Audio

My speakers and earphones work well on all my apps (chrome, discord, video games). But zoom cannot seem to detect my speakers OR earphones. I have trying to look for solutions but none of them work (not even the "same as system solution) and it's so ...