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Highest quality audio you can download with pro account?

Hi, i feel like i have all the quality settings maxed out, but i'm still only getting 32khz files. Is there a higher quality download, maybe 44.1 or something like that with a pro account? The account tested was a pro, i just don't know if i was miss...

Audio during iPhone Screenshare

Hi Smart People! I have a need to screen share my iPhone during zoom meetings. One thing I've noticed is that when it's being shared, the audio from the iphone (for instance if it receives a notification) is played through my computer, rather than th...

Recording not captured

My settings were set for all participants to be able to share and to automatically record. During the meeting i paused the recording where it was requested to end. Upon leaving the meeting the system compressed the recording, I was prompted to save i...

Pam2 by Observer
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Audio issues

I used my AirPods once in a Zoom meeting and the other audio and microphone settings are unavailable.I was able to use my computer speaker and microphone before connecting my AirPods.But now zoom client can't recognize my computer device even when i ...

chichi by Observer
  • 1 replies

Problems with audio

Hi, I'm an English teacher and I have a recurring problem with the audio of 1 student in specific. We start the class and everything is ok. After a while, his audio starts lowering and after 1 min I cannot hear anything. He takes off his headset unit...

Microphone input level stuck at zero

Im running the latest client of zoom, on Mac OS 12.1. Attempting to use a Black Magic Design ATEM Mini controller, to feed HDMI Video, and Audio, into the computer over USB. Now Ive tested and my Mac fully sees the incoming audio and video feed no pr...

sleek by Observer
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External microphone dropping

Using macOS Monterey 12.3.1 and Zoom 5.10.1.Using a mic plugged into the mac works fine and identified in both mac sound settings and in Zoom audio dropdown. It works for about 1 second, then switches to the built in mac microphone, but no change sho...

unickow by Observer
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Facing issues with my zoom App

Hi there hope you are doing well, I have Android version 5.0.4 for Zoom App but the problem I'm facing is that whenever I try to connect to a meeting through the App, it takes a very long time to connect, and then when it finally connects, there is n...

Hamzee by Observer
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Not seeing or hearing some participants

For the last few months sometimes when I’m hosting a meeting on my pc, I can’t see new participants who join. But the other participants can see and hear them. So then I’ll log out and log back in and often then I can’t hear anyone. So then I’ll try ...

PrAnd by Observer
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