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Update of Version: 5.16.2 (22807)

Hi! After the update of Version: 5.16.2 (22807), my microphone no longer works(windows 10 pro). I have no problems in other applications (teams, skype, whatsapp, etc.). Initial functional update ok. Thank you.

IT-ARB by Listener
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audio issues with noise reduction

Hi everybody.we started using zoom during covid and since we have no problems with the audio for musicians.In the last few weeks, our guests in the room complain about poor music quality... and it seems to be a problem with the noise reduction filter...

Resolved! Audio cutting out for musical instruments

I run a music school in Lagos, Nigeria and we teach clients across the world on zoom. Since the most recent zoom upgrade, we have been experiencing a serious degredation of audio with regards to instruments that is threatening the viability of our on...

Choir rehearsal

I am an interim choir director. The previous director used Zoom for those who could not attend rehearsals. Participants can hear me but when the piano starts or the choir sings the sound cuts out. All they can hear is my voice. It was not a problem i...

Zoom audio issue - sound bowls

Hi, I use crystal sound bowls as music on some of my zoom calls but for some reason, my clients can no longer hear the bowls. They don't hear anything when I play them, no matter how loud they get. I know it has something to do with the audio setting...

Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 1.35.24 PM.png Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 1.34.35 PM.png Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 1.39.14 PM.png

El Audio se difumina al ingresar al Zoom

Cuando entro a una Reunión de Zoom, el audio de mi computadora cambia. Suena como si al sonido le hubieras puesto un supresor de ruido al igual que un micrófono. Mas específicamente si le hubieras colocado una lana en los auriculares. Elimine Audio S...

They can't hear me

Hi, after using Zoom perfectly well for years now, all of a sudden nobody can hear me. I've checked microsoft access to the mic which is fine and I've tested the mic on zoom which again is fine. I can hear everyone else perfectly but they just can't ...

tgva by Listener
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Zoom client zoom-5.16.1_8561 is instable

Dear Sirs,thank you for your your work for linux clients. The most recent version zoom-5.16.1_8561 has an impactfor a linux wayland desktop session, because i may crash all running applications that are using the X11 gateway.The problem occurs, when ...

Hybrid meeting

How to set-up Hybrid meeting in order for in-person attendees and zoom attendees to hear each other clearly.