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Audio issues with musical instruments

I have been teaching piano/keyboard lesson using Zoom, as well as given many lectures for Yamaha using my digital piano. Last Wednesday and Thursday I was unable to hear my students instruments, and they were unable to hear mine. I would hear about 4...

audio compression issue

During Covid, pro songwriters learned that writing with co-writers anywhere in the world was easy with Zoom. Last week for some reason, out of the blue, I have a compression issue. It could be caused by a Zoom version upgrade possibly, idk. the probl...

Can not hear piano being played during lesson

Hi! Thanking anyone for a reply! My wife teaches piano with our granddaughter. Recently both her and my wife are unable to hear respective pianos being played during the meeting - but they can hear each other talking. I have searched for recent answe...

Macca by Listener
  • 11 replies

join with audio function not working

I've scheduled countless zoom meetings over the last few years. Suddenly this week, when I open the meeting, I'm NOT getting the usual prompt box that reads "join with audio." I get an alternate box labeled JOIN WITH AUDIO but it's light gray with ph...

ajm1013 by Listener
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Can not hear piano playing

Hello,I am meeting with others and it requires me play piano for others. For some reasons, others can not hear my piano. I had piano lesson before and it was not a problem probably 5-6 months ago. Now they can not hear me playing. I tried various sol...

Problem when using RME "TotalMix FX".

I am having a problem when using RME "TotalMix FX".I have Zoom software installed on my Mac Book Pro.It looks like Zoom's mic volume control is syncing with TotalMix's faders.When an over-level volume is input, I think the Zoom's mic volume will drop...


I have a problem with the original sound for musicians not working. My way passes but not the sound of the violin mail ***********

YVES2 by Listener
  • 2 replies

meeting cutting with specific person only

Hi ,I have issue when i call specific person the call cutting off , i call a lot of people i didn't face any issue only this person .why this issue coming and how i can solve it

Moaiad by Listener
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Audio problem

Audop problems. I am so confused. Opened my zoom this morning and there was a strange audio setting with earphones. The participants' audio will not load. When I click I only get phone numbers to call. My audio settings work just fine. I can see my p...

RJW1 by Listener
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