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Recorded Zoom meeting failed to convert

I just recorded a Zoom meeting like dozens of times before, but when the meeting ended Zoom never converted the file. So now I have no recording of my session. Is there a way to recover it somewhere? None of the information in support is helpful or a...

JayJay2 by Listener
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Cloud recording not fit when share screen with camera

Hi,I am using a computer with a resolution of 1366x768 when recording in cloud, there is a black space as shown below, is there a way to make it fit the screen? when down recording, the resolution is 1686x738, why is that?

minhbn by Listener
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Storage password

Hello, I would like to know how to change the password of a lecture in the cloud, whithout moving the lecture from the cloud ?

TASCA by Observer
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history meeting

can i get my history meeting before i use zoom pro, i search at report meeting, but i can not find my history meeting, because i used zoom basic.. how ca i get my history before i use zoom pro?? thankyou

Zoom Recording didn't work - no error was shown

Hey guys and lad´s, I bought Zoom Pro yesterday for a Meeting today. I wanted to record the whole conversation to upload it on YouTube later. In the Zoom call I started the recording and my Partner confirmed the recording. When we finished the call I...

Zoom recorded link video

Hello! I am having trouble in accessing the zoom recorded link given by our teacher, every time after I fill it out it reloads to the fill out form section and it does not open in the video recorded section.