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No sound when sharing PPT

Hello! I have difficulties with recieving sound when other member of Zoom meeting share PPT with sound effect, music or video. Any type of shared sound is muted or abcent on my device / account except human voice. Even though other members of same Zo...

7Daria by Listener
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Video Crossfeed

When I host a Zoom meeting one of the participants has an intermittent video problem. He is using an HP laptop Pro model with a built-in camera (screen model 15-BW018CA). A distorted black-and-white version of another participant's image flickers in ...

Wrong colours on screen sharing - color shifting

Hi, I just noticed that if I share my screen, the person who views it, see the colours slightly shifted, kind of desaturated, with less contrast. I am on OS X 13.1. I would like to subscribe to a paid plan but I would like to solve this issue before....

layil by Listener
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Video Distortion

When I use Zoom on my desktop computer, the video picture that I see of me is distorted. See pic. Other members of the Zoom session tell me that my picture on their end is fine, no distortion. I had this problem on a previous computer and thought tha...

zoom video problem.PNG zoom video problem 2.PNG

Video goes crazy in meetings

I schedule weekly meetings for up to 6 people. I use the passcode radio box. And I don't know why but during ithe meeting my screen during the meeting starts rotating between all the other user's screen pictures. Like it goes haywire. I send this wee...

Annotation broken for screen shared from Wayland Linux

There are at least two issues when annotating a window screen-shared by a Wayland (Linux) user. Steps to reproduce the issues:A Linux user shares a window (NOT the full screen) on Wayland.Another user annotates on the shared window.Issues:The annotat...

lolc by Listener
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how to zoom in

Hi! I have an external webcam that can zoom in. Only problem: I can't find how to actually zoom in the webcam on myself when I join a video call on zoom (yes, that's confusing: I want to zoom in while I'm on zoom). How do I do that? Thanks for your h...

Bea75 by Listener
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