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Zoom is not functioning properly

I just upgraded to the paid version of Zoom to communicate with my clients and coworkers during our meetings. Unfortunately, I've encountered a problem where my colleagues are unable to join the meetings that I've scheduled. My goal in purchasing the...

Updated Zoom Desktop - now every video is glitchy

I have seen multiple posts of this and hoping someone can help.5 days ago (2/28/23) I restarted laptop and the Zoom Desktop updated. From here on out it has started glitching when I participate or host a video (worse when I host and moreso when I sha...

Can't see video of myself

I'm a physician and have been communicating with my patients over ZOOM for several years with no problem. For the last 2 days, however, I can no longer see the video of myself during our meetings. I can see my patients with no problem, but no longer ...

syusim by Listener
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Hintergrundbild verzerrt

Mein Hintergrundbild, das ich mir selbst per Foto gemacht habe, wird immer nur in die Breite verzerrt dargestellt. Das geht mit allen meinen eigenen Hintergrundbildern so. Wie kann ich die Verzerrung verhindern?

Keep spatial resolution at expense of fps

Hello.I use Zoom to see lectures written on blackboard, often ∼3.5 m wide. Sometimes people at the auditorium are lazy to crop/zoom and pan the camera to specific areas. Given my poor internet, Zoom’s incoming video often degrades to the 320×180 reso...

Share screen

Hi guys, when I share a powerpoint with a student and there is a video to be watched, when I click play, all of a sudden my video (me) starts to glitch and do funny things... I end up having to turn my camera off and then let the student watch and th...