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Welcome to the Customer Success Forum!

Welcome to the Customer Success Forum! This is a collaborative place for Zoom users to share customer success stories, learn about upcoming events, and exchange use cases for helpful ways to use Zoom features.

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error code 1001

hi. I recently starting teaching for a community college. When I went in to use zoom, it gave me an error code 1001. I think it might have something to do with having 2 other accounts, one with another university and one with yahoo. How do i fix this...

training multicast

We are attempting to run a training course. We want to:Broadcast trainers (my) screen.We want to see the delegates screen (shared) in a quad view (4 attendees) as well as their faces/cameras to see what they are clicking on and how they are progressi...

can not access

I used to be able to access and come to the Community College of Philadelphia ZOOM page for which I am registered. Now it doesn't come up. Instead I am sent to the page. I need to be on to teach my 90-Minute long class...

mbedard by Listener
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problem with sharing pictures

Hi. Today I was using Zoom for teaching and I tried to share 2 word documents containing pictures copied and pasted into the docs. When I shared them with my class the pictures vanished. Has anyone got any similar experiences or answers?

Resolved! Zoom Class

I present a quiz to students through PPT.I'd like to give them some background music while they're taking the quiz.Tell me how to apply background music in ZOOM.

Unauthorised User

Hello we as a school facing issue, students share there links with outsider and they join the meeting using students name and cause nuisance in class.Please help with this, we only want our authorized users (students) join meeting.Earlier we use free...