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Immersive View in meetings and webinars

Recreate the feel of your class or conference room by placing up to 25 video participants onto a single virtual background with Immersive View. Participants are automatically placed onto provided scenes and the host can adjust the arrangements as nee...

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AJR03 by Attendee | Zoom Employee
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This meeting should have been a webinar

“Can everyone please mute?” Have you heard or spoken these words during a company all-hands or virtual event? Or struggled to switch presenters and screen-sharing access during a meeting? Or scrambled to get everyone the same virtual background for c...

rome810 by Participant | Zoom Employee
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DPI to PPI Converter

How can the DPI to PPI Converter seamlessly enhance the precision of your digital images, ensuring a flawless transition from dots per inch to pixels per inch for optimal printing quality?

Utilize Zoom AI Companion Today!

Just in case you've been out of the loop the past few months, Zoom IQ is now "Zoom AI Companion".I've been in a few conversations with customers recently asking about it. I wanted to share the common objections I usually get. Note that the following ...

lancetlc by Attendee | Zoom Employee
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Inaccurate attendance report

I have just completed a Zoom meeting, the number of participants shown in the report page in Zoom is 90, however, after I have exported the attendance report, the file only contained 10 participants. What can I do? Can zoom help us export? I feel hel...

Simulive for Zoom Events

In the past few months, I've been encountering a lot of customers having the same use case when it comes to their company all hands and new hire trainings. They would usually run the same programs having the same speakers and talk about the same topi...

lancetlc by Attendee | Zoom Employee
  • 4 replies

Changing Video Settings -- Help!

I have viewed instructions and videos for changing video settings. They all refer to a little green Video icon under Settings. However, under my Settings, I have nothing of the kind. Nothing that refers to Video Settings and no little green camera ic...

Upcoming Webinar: Zoom AI Companion 10/26

We have a very exciting webinar coming up on October 26 at 8 a.m. PST to dive into Zoom AI Companion! Join us to learn about: Agenda: Challenges of Modern Work Impact of Generative AI Zoom’s AI Strategy and Principles Zoom AI Companion Overview Indus...

EmersonS by Participant | Zoom Employee
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