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Call waiting flashes for 1 second, then missed call

I have vvx-350 and the client it has one DID number on it. When I am on the phone, someone calls me from external number, I get a "flash" from the desktop client and it goes to VM. I have call waiting set for 30 seconds. how many concurrent calls can...

Call History not showing call picked up in second queue

We have two call queues, CS and CSO. Calls comes into the CS queue, and if no-one can answer (busy, no pickup) it it goes to the CSO queue. Members in the CS queue are also members in the CSO queue (amongst others). For the Call History in the Zoom A...

Phone call recording notification

Hello,We have automatic call recording for all of our sites with our own IVR greeting message that includes a disclaimer that the calls are being recorded. The problem is that when a customer calls in and selects from the IVR,after hearing the discla...

Jbeck by Listener
  • 11 replies

Resolved! Call monitoring indication

When call monitoring, for ZOOM PHONE ONLY, is active in a call queue, does the agent or the caller have any indication that they are being monitored? More specifically; will the queue member see or hear anything that tells them they are being monitor...

Resolved! reordering call queues

I had to add another call queue, and I'd like to move it up in the option list (i.e. it's now Press 6 and I'd like it to be Press 4). I couldn't see an option to do that. Anyone know how?

Resolved! Time of day call routing

What is the best practice for time-of-day call routing? We have one central number with six users spread across multiple time zones with up to 3-hour time differences. The users who start first in the morning will answer the calls, but some users wil...

mikejr by Listener
  • 5 replies

Mark a missed call in the call queue as called back

I would really like a feature so that our Account Managers who are all on a call queue can mark a missed call when they have called the customer back. We have been having some situations where multiple Account Managers will call a customer back becau...