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Resolved! Cannot receive incoming calls.

New customer. Single line. I wanted to have all incoming calls ring on my phone and not go through the auto attendant. Finally figured out how to unassign the company number from the auto attendant to myself. In the process I have somehow caused my n...

Moving one site into another one

I have a main Corp site Corp-Main, with several sub-sites, corp-fl, corp-ny. Each sub-site "almost" has the same settings for users vm, hold music etc as the Corp-Main. I want all sites to have same settings as Corp-main. If I move Corp-FL into Corp-...

bulk assign phone numbers to users in 1 step by name

Is there a way to bulk assign phone numbers to users in a single spreadsheet? I know have to first import users using a CSV, assign them licensing and build the account. During this process Zoom will auto assign them an extension. Now how to I find t...

Resolved! Enable Zoom Phone in PWA - assistance please

In the December 18 Release notes for Zoom Phone - dot point 4 notes:Zoom Phone for PWAZoom Phone admins can enable Zoom Phone for PWA on their account to allow their PWA users with a Phone license to make calls and send SMS from their Zoom PWA.I am r...

bjflick by Listener
  • 9 replies

Create users with fake email for phone numbers with vm

How do I manually active an account that I create (inside zoom portal) with a fake email address so I can assign a number a vm to it. I need a couple of false accounts to assign numbers to for delegation to others. *********** will get a DID and vm, ...

Changing the Default Line Key Label

By Default it looks like Zoom put in the label of a button to be "Username Extension". However some of the Yealink phones have smaller Line Key labels. Is there a way to change it in the provisioning template to say something like "LineKey1.Label." T...

RickCH by Listener
  • 5 replies

Shared line groups limitations

In this page that explains Shared line groups the following 2 seemingly contradictory statements appear. Can you confirm whether a user can be a member of more than 1 shared line group/call delegation ?Members are added to the shared line group by yo...