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Zoom Phone Migration

My company is migrating with another; we plan to move to another Zoom account. How do we go about transferring our Zoom phones? Can we port numbers between Zoom accounts?

500+ Porting Numbers with Multiple Sites

Do I need to submit a separate Project Porting Sheets if there is one BTN and account numbers for the multiple sites. Or can I list all the numbers to be ported over and site addresses on one Project Porting Sheet since it's the same BTN and account ...

Lsperez by Listener | Zoom Partner
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Resolved! Zoom phone number change

Hello community, I'm new to the Zoom Phone (registered today) already have got an issue  How can I change Zoom Phone number? I've got US number instead of Canadian (which I need) and now need to change it. Regards,Muza

MuzaS by Listener
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Resolved! Can't Assign Ported Number to a Company Location

We've merged with another company, but are keeping the one phone number intact. I've recently ported the number to zoom and I want to create the ability to have our main number and the merged companies number with it's own extensions. I enabled multi...

Zoom phone call link

Hi guys. I've just wanted to ask if there was a way to have / create a link that allows the users who click that link to automatically call the number that is linked in that link? Basically it's like zoom bridge links that instantly lets you join the...

Porting numbers to Zoom without a BTN

Hello:I am a new customer to Zoom Phone and plan to port numbers to Zoom. The Porting Form asks for a BTN. Our current phone bill doesn't show a BTN. I've asked my provider (Century Link/Lumen) how to obtain one if it isn't listed. Their reply is tha...