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What does FOC mean?

We are in the process of porting our numbers over to Zoom Phone. One of the phone numbers has an update status of FOC under "Order Status" . What does FOC mean? Thanks

Cell phone porting to Zoom from Verizon

Hi All,I currently have Verizon cell service. I need to be able to record calls and it seems like Zoom might be a good option. BUT, I want to keep my phone numbers so I don't have to train clients on a new number, buy new business cards, etc. Who has...

dkwdkw by Listener
  • 3 replies

Porting Numbers & Setting Up Desk Phones

Hi All, I am in the process of moving from Ring Central to Zoom Phone. I want to know: 1) If I set up my current desk phones to be compatible with Zoom Phone will it no longer work with Ring Central because my numbers are not ported yet?2) To confirm...

LeilaN by Listener
  • 1 replies

Zoom Phone in business

I am considering moving our bookstore from comcast to Zoom phone but have several concerns.1. All workstations will need a deskset so I'd be acquiring Poly VVX D230 phones. Most of our staff have never used Zoom and are computer illiterate. Can I jus...

Resolved! Non riesco ad importare i contatti

Salve ragazzi,ieri ho scaricato Zoom e ho provato ad importare i contatti dalla mia rubrica, ma quando inserisco il mio numero di cellulare spunta una finestra che dice <>. Il numero di telefono è corretto ovviamente, è possibile magari che il sistem...