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Voicemail Time and Date for Message

It appears that when checking voicemail using a desk phone (Poly VVX 450 in this case) the system does not mention time or date of when the voicemail message was left. Is it possible to change this for it to be played back to the user so they know wh...

mojeda by Listener
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Resolved! Sharing phone lines between Exec's and exec Assistants

I come from Cisco call manager background. The way it shares a line is you can "put" that line on a physical phone, anyone's phone provided they have to open space. The line will ring on all phones that have this number. My exec assistants have their...

Voicemail number declaration

Hi does anyone know if there is a way to turn off the declaration for who called when listening to voicemail? IE "voicemail from 123-456-7890..." need to do this on a mass scale.

nbrown by Listener
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Resolved! automatically delete voicemail after forwarding to email

We are converting to Zoom Phone. Our old provider allowed us to set a user's phone so that incoming voicemails are forwarded as email attachments, and then automatically deleted (or not stored in the first place). We basically had three options: 1) s...

Resolved! Is there a way to set Zoom Phone User Setting in bulk?

I want to uniformly set some of the 'User Setting' for all my Zoom Phone users 1. Business Hours a. Allow callers to reach an operator b. Connect to Operator: Auto Receptionist2. Holiday Hours3. Audio Prompt LanguageI need to make sure that these set...

Voicemail Indicator on Yealink T53

I have one user with a T53 that has a voicemail indicator (icon and blinking red light) that will not go away. We verified on the web voicemail page that she does not have any voicemails. We dialed into voicemail and it says no new messages. The app ...

Rickh925 by Listener
  • 8 replies