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Anonymous inbound calling

We have a Voicemailbox for compliance, and we can't capture any data that could be tied to an employee. Is there a way to have a VM box not capture the who called #.. or anyway to mask it only for the one number? Thanks!

RickCH by Listener
  • 2 replies

Disable or Anonymize INCOMING caller ID to a queue

Hello,We have a call center with federal requirements to provide anonymous support for our hotline callers. Is there a way to remove the caller ID or prevent it from showing when it goes to a call queue or attendant? Our hotline counselors and volunt...

problemes de son

bonjour .. j essaye d aider une amie qui utilise zoom sur windows... sur son telephone cela marche pafaitement mais sur l ordinateur elle entend tres mal.. jai desisntallé les pilotes audio de lordinateur et reinstallé cela ne change rien.. donc j ai...

deenass by Listener
  • 1 replies

Action Required: Update Certificate Trust Stores

Our company received an email that had the subject "Action Required: Update Certificate Trust Stores" Then proceeded to say: "In keeping up with standard industry practices, Zoom will be updating its current single sign-on (SSO) certificate ahead of ...

bktcoe by Listener
  • 10 replies

After hours call queue extension?

Hello, We have setup auto receptionist that forwards all incoming calls to a call queue extension that answers during specific business hours. After hours, it goes to voicemail after a greeting with our business hours. After hours, none of our employ...

MikeCWS by Listener
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Receive Queue Calls by schedule?

Is there any way to define Membership Call Queues by a schedule?I have membership of 3 call queues, but only want to for example, have two of them active between certain time of the day. Saves me having to remember to not answer certain calls for whe...

Resolved! Call Park Reversion

Is there a way for a parked call to ring back to the call queue instead of the person that placed the call on park if the call isn't picked up after a certain amount of time? The customer's old system was able to do this and they are requesting it.

Zoom-Salesforce integration not working

I've integrated Zoom with Salesforce as per the instructions provided by Zoom, but when I try to sign in to Zoom from Salesforce by clicking the phone icon, I sign it, but it gets this error " Attempt to de-reference a null object".It says I have suc...