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Phone System
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Do you have to use a Desk Phone for Common Area Phone?

Hi! I am currently attempting to set up Zoom Phone for multiple users under one office. They have a circulation desk, and would like any person assigned to the desk to be able to answer. I know common area phones are used for this matter. But wanted ...

OE_Tech by Listener
  • 3 replies

Resolved! Upload custom ringtone to Poly vvx450

I'm testing out Zoom phone service, and in the setup process, I'd like to add custom .wav files to the options that users can select from for their ringtone. I uploaded a .wav file via the vvx450's web interface, but once I add the url to the recomme...

Audio Delay

Good afternoon,We recently switched to Zoom Phones and some of my users aren't happy with the quality of it. Some of my users have been reporting that there is an audio delay when picking up calls from their mobile devices via regular wi-fi and mobil...

Zoom phone rings when phone call

Hello,Some of my users on android devices when on a phone call whether it's a zoom phone call or normal mobile phone call, when they receive another call from zoom phone, their call gets blasted with the ring tone. On my phone, whenever someone calls...

Porting Numbers & Setting Up Desk Phones

Hi All, I am in the process of moving from Ring Central to Zoom Phone. I want to know: 1) If I set up my current desk phones to be compatible with Zoom Phone will it no longer work with Ring Central because my numbers are not ported yet?2) To confirm...

LeilaN by Listener
  • 1 replies

Zoom Phone in business

I am considering moving our bookstore from comcast to Zoom phone but have several concerns.1. All workstations will need a deskset so I'd be acquiring Poly VVX D230 phones. Most of our staff have never used Zoom and are computer illiterate. Can I jus...

Resolved! Less intrusive phone call notification pop up

It would be really nice if we were able to choose where a phone call notification popped up on our screen. Currently, there is only one option: a giant white pop up in the middle of your screen while you're trying to do your job. I'm an administrativ...

Xiporah by Listener
  • 6 replies

Voicemail Indicator on Yealink T53

I have one user with a T53 that has a voicemail indicator (icon and blinking red light) that will not go away. We verified on the web voicemail page that she does not have any voicemails. We dialed into voicemail and it says no new messages. The app ...

Zoom community

Zoom CommunityJulkerSearch the Zoom CommunityChatReactivation of Zoom Account that Zoom DeactivatedGo to solutionJhoy_16Jhoy_16Observer‎2021-08-22 08:04 PM Good day! Four of our members in zoom organization are deactivated their zoom account by the z...

Julker by Listener
  • 1 replies