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Can not receive a phone call

Hi I just set up a zoom phone and am new to this. Can not receive a phone call. It says the service is restricted or service is not available. But I can make a phone call through the app. What should I do? Thanks

Resolved! Porting numbers away from Zoom- Need PIN

Hello I've been trying to port numbers away from Zoom with the PIN number provided in the Phone Section. However, my porting destination (ZohoVoice) has been reporting failures due to incorrect PIN. How can I resolve this issue? Where can I get the c...

audio problem

I'm not able to listen the voice of the host. speakers are working properly but I'm not even be able to hear a single word from the host. when i use headphones its audible but not audible with computer speaker. what i need to do

Zoom Phone unable to make outbound calls

I just set up my zoom plan (US/CA) Unlimited and finally figured out how to receive incoming calls to my desktop and zoom app on iphone. Unfortunately, I'm unable to make outbound calls. The same prompt is received from both the app and desktop attem...

MPC1 by Listener
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Room not available error, yet system works fine

I recently had to replace a ceiling mic at a customer site because of water damage. In doing so, the firmware had to be updated in the Shure P300 DSP as well as the mic. The system works fine, but the Room Not Available message shows on the start up ...

zoom does not respect my default app for calls

I have problem with zoom app. I am user of macOS (14.3.1 (23D60)) and zoom is always serves callto protocol even if I have set up that my default app for calls is another application (corectly set up in faceTime app). Is there any way how can I defin...

JARDA by Listener
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