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Resolved! Connecting my Polycom VVX411

I have done a factory reset and added the phone to the devices on my Zoom app. But how do I get the actual phone synced up? Don't I need to sign in somewhere on it? Desperately need help PLEASE!!

Zoom phone devices.

Hi folks, I have an analog phone on a VOIP system with another provider and I want to know if and how I can utilise that same device on the Zoom system. The device is a Cisco SPA112. I have checked the documentation for provisioning other devices and...

Resolved! Sharing phone lines between Exec's and exec Assistants

I come from Cisco call manager background. The way it shares a line is you can "put" that line on a physical phone, anyone's phone provided they have to open space. The line will ring on all phones that have this number. My exec assistants have their...