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What are Zoom Meetings?

Zoom Meetings are a simplified video conferencing solution for an optimized virtual meeting experience. Explore the Zoom Community's Recent Activity below to join the Meetings conversation and connect with other members. If you're still looking for support, browse our Zoom Meetings support articles or start a new discussion below!

Recent Activity

Ordenação alfabética de participantes na galeria

Bom dia. É possível ordenar alfabeticamente na galeria os participantes, mantendo no topo (primeiras janelas) o anfitrião e co-anfitriões? Se sim, como configurar? Abrindo a lista dos "participantes" na janela aparece, mas na visualização dos partici...

video quality active speaker cloud recording

It's about the video quality in cloud recording: If I record gallery view, active speaker and screen share individually, the video "active speaker" is always only available in poor video quality (640 x 360). The other two video files are better (with...

Mike_A by Listener
  • 3 replies

Cloud Recording Resolution in Active Speaker View

Hi everyone! I need help with a resolution question when recording to the cloud. I want to be able to do a cloud recording while in Active Speaker view and ideally be able to download in a 1920x1080 resolution. At the current moment the best I can ge...

Screen share not working with Meeting Owl Pro

We have been using Zoom for a couple of years and hadn't had any problems hosting Hybrid meetings and using screen share. We recently added a Meeting Owl Pro as our Camera/Microphone for meetings. The sound recording is amazing, video isn't super but...

KyleT by Listener
  • 5 replies

zoom spamming my email

I am tired of getting this email. And there nowhere i could unsubscribe from this type of emails. Who nknow how to make Zoom stop sending me these emails?Zoom Cloud recording has been disabled Hello Araz,This is a reminder that cloud recording has be...

araz7050 by Listener
  • 3 replies