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Welcome to the Customer Success Forum!

Welcome to the Customer Success Forum! This is a collaborative place for Zoom users to share customer success stories, learn about upcoming events, and exchange use cases for helpful ways to use Zoom features.

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Multiple Meetings at the same time

Hi everyone!Is there any solution to have more than 2 meetings simultaneously, if I have Education plan? I've read that we can host up to 2 meetings but we have average 5 classes at the same time. we'd love to keep Zoom as we grow. Thanks!

zoom minimizing detection

I would like for zoom to develop a way to see if participants have minimized zoom to go off and play games or go to other websites. As a digital educator, keeping distractions to a minimum is impossible when they have access to the internet while in ...

MsPark by Listener
  • 2 replies

Students using video loops

Greetings, I am a University Student TA and I have a question regarding the surging use of video looping in Zoom to make it seem as though students are paying attention with their cameras on. Is there a way to disallow video looping or altered backgr...

Supporting for teachers in Vietnam

Teachers in Vienam are not supported with the policy "lifted the 40-minute meeting limit on free Basic accounts for K-12 schools". We have to pay money to buy accounts with ".edu" ending, such as I wonder if Zoom staff know about that? I...

Meeting ID errors

Hi there,I teach on zoom each week, and send out 8 links 4-5 days before the meeting each Friday.When I then go to that meeting on Friday and try to open it, it says 'incorrect meeting ID' and won't open.I usually then panic - and re-send links to pa...

annbee by Listener
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Zoom Enterprise

Hi all, I currently run an online maths tutoring business. I plan to take on tutors by the end of the year who can work for my organisation. What I need is a platform whereby I can create pre-made whiteboards which are available to all my tutors.Also...