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Recording - Zoom Phone User Training

Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Zoom Phone User Training


Watch the recording above!


In this training webinar we cover:


  • Setting up Zoom Phone
  • Sign in & Configuration
  • Using Zoom Phone
  • Zoom Mobile App
  • Resources & Support

    Keep the conversation going, please comment below with your Zoom Phone experiences, and let us know if you have any questions, we are here to help!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Thanks, @EmersonS


That's an excellent video for someone at a company where employees get their own phone, which someone else has already provisioned (set up) for them.

Is there a similar video that explains how a solo business person can set up their phone system easily?  Think of the one-user Pro account that then adds on Zoom Phone.  I've helped many here in the Community who have ported their single number over to Zoom from RingCentral or Wix Phone and are immediately frustrated because they can’t get it to operate as “Just their own phone number”.


This post pinned to the top of the Phone forum titled "New to ZOOM phone and trying not to completely HATE it- Need help" is some help... but it kind of meanders along and then just points people to yet another post. 


I do recommend to my solo clients to have two numbers: one for their business – as if they had a receptionist – and one direct dial for them personally. I walk them through the process of setting up an IVR with possibly one or two informational options (mailing address, web site, etc.), then an option to reach “The owner”, possibly by name. I recommend putting the company number in registration forms and contact info online, so that anyone that gets the company number who ends up robo-calling… well, they never get past the. IVR. This approach almost eliminates spam calls to my direct number. 


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