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waiting room message

I hosted a large group meeting and customized the waiting room at that time. Now, I customize the waiting room to be more generic and it will not replace the old message. How do I get rid of that original message?

bseamons door Listener
  • 171 Weergaven
  • 2 replies

Whiteboard annotation options missing

Users not in my organisation cannot annotate on Whiteboards shared during a meeting. Weirdly, if I open the old version of the whiteboard through "Share Screen" other users can annotate, but this version of the whiteboard doesn't allow me to import i...

awjdean door Listener
  • 684 Weergaven
  • 6 replies

How can I retain the same ID?

Hello, Can I retain the same ID for recurring meetings? I only have the option of personal meeting room or autogenerated, but I want to re-use what I used beforePlease helpThanks

Zoom gallery isn't working properly.

Hello! The Zoom gallery isn't working properly. When participants join the session, the resolution or size of each person's image is smaller than the available gallery space for each one. It looks like a "picture in picture" in each space assigned to...

riverasil door Observer
  • 60 Weergaven
  • 2 replies

recording playback problem

I frequently pay for audiobook acting lessons which my teachers record on Zoom and send to me as Mp4s. For two or three years, I have had no trouble playing those recordings on my Macmini computer (2022 model). I have a free Zoom accountSeveral month...

AnnetteO door Observer
  • 18 Weergaven
  • 0 replies

Opgelost! Missing Emoji option on Zoom Chat

When in zoom meeting my chat window does not have emoji option. Happens whether attendee or co-host. All other attendees have it. This has been going on all week. I have used multiple computers, multiple zoom accounts, and reinstalled zoom twice.

vrock door Listener
  • 2491 Weergaven
  • 30 replies

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Zoom Community Champions zijn leiders binnen de community die betekenisvolle bijdragen leveren voor andere communityleden. Ze bieden nuttige oplossingen, tonen productexpertise en delen succesverhalen.
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