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Resolved! zoom phone incoming call

Hello I setup zoom phone, when I call from the zoom phone app I can make outgoing calls. When I call my zoom number from an outside number, it automatically goes to voicemail. I've noticed in the backend there's an company number and an extension. In...

Holiday Schedules for Auto Receptionists

Why is it that we cannot create a holiday schedule that we can then have all of our AR's reference rather than having to go to every single AR, every year and update the company holiday schedule? In our previous phone system (ShoreTel/Mitel), it work...

Exec can't call assistant using Zoom phone

We have an executive that when he tries to call his assistant, it goes straight to voicemail and then she receives a notification that she has a voicemail. If he calls her cell from his Zoom phone, he gets a message that his call cannot be completed ...

Block Outgoing calls -

I want to block outgoing calls from certain extensions/common area phones? but i want them to be able to call internal extensions only? also can i block international calls on certain extensions?

RyanLe by Listener
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Resolved! Can't Assign Ported Number to a Company Location

We've merged with another company, but are keeping the one phone number intact. I've recently ported the number to zoom and I want to create the ability to have our main number and the merged companies number with it's own extensions. I enabled multi...

Extensions Not Working When Calling In

I was able to set up the Auto Receptionist so that myself and my colleagues can make outbound calls and receive inbound calls, and have also set up the message for when customers call in, but when clicking the extensions that are voiced in the messag...

Assigning basic phone to a different user

Hi!We have just signed up for Zoom Phone. We are on the basic package because we only need one user, however it is linked directly to my account (which is the billing account). We need the Zoom Phone to be linked to one of my employee's logins, howev...