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Zoom phone call link

Hi guys. I've just wanted to ask if there was a way to have / create a link that allows the users who click that link to automatically call the number that is linked in that link? Basically it's like zoom bridge links that instantly lets you join the...

Cant change country code on 050 (WW subscription)

Hi I have a Zoom subscription from Japan. With it I have a 050 number for WW calls, I have many countries included/allowed under this number according to my profile details. Currently, I am in Europe and want to call France but when I enter the Frenc...

Drew313 by Listener
  • 7 replies

Phone System Management

I need to set up my system with a message for the incoming caller (insurance disclaimer, in my case). In the event I don't answer, this is to be followed by instructions to leave a message.Have tried Auto Receptionist and Call Queues setups, but this...

New Teams and Zoom Phone App (Windows 11)

We recently began using the "New Teams" on Windows 11. Since updating to the New Teams, if we are on an internal call using Teams, and a we receive a call on Zoom Phone, the Teams call immediately hangs up and the Zoom call is automatically answered....

Resolved! Phone Client Down After Update 5.17.2 (29988)

Our entire company's phone system has gone down after the update they just sent out. There is no phone support no technical support at all beyond an AI chat bot that is beyond useless. We are looking for a new company. Having no technical support is ...

Yealink T54W phone line

So I have two phone lines assigned to my Yealink T54W phone, which works fine. Normally, the icon and button next to the line show as green. However, after hanging up the phone, it stays red. I can still push on the red line button and get a dialtone...

leifhk by Listener
  • 5 replies