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Virtual Room connector Network access

Hi, I'm trying to deploy Zoom Virtual room connector on our domain. Server hosted in our DMZ. Firewall settings applied as instructed in see VRC in I start...

Resolved! Unhide non-video participants by default

Hello! We are using Zoom Rooms with Neat devices in our offices and we are missing one option in our setup.We want to unhide non-video participants of meetings by default - is it somehow possible? We know that in the meeting we can do it manually, bu...

Resolved! Limited Time For Meetings

What I've observed is that the time is limited according to certain meetings. I'm on the latest update on zoom and still can't seem to get enough time to host my meetings, now I'm not sure if it's something that I need to change, check or whatever. S...

Resolved! Zoom Rooms Controller - different network

Is there a way to persistently connect (pair) a Zoom Rooms tablet controller to a Zoom Room on a different network? If the tablet is on WiFi and on a different VLAN and subnet for example? Thanks, Rupert

Rupert by Collaborator
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