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Zoom Room Audio Issue with Google Meets

Hello.I have an issue with 2 zoom rooms out of 2.During a Zoom Call everything works fine.During a call using Google Meets:- participants can hear me- I can't hear participants: no audio comes out of the speaker, i can't hear anyone connected from th...

ValDC by Listener
  • 4 replies

Help with calendar setup with Zoom Rooms

I've setup a Zoom Room and followed the tutorials on how to integrate a Google Calendar into it, however I'm hit a couple of issues. 1. The way the tutorials show how to book a meeting using the calendar doesn't work for me. The tutorial shows a Room...

ptom98 by Listener
  • 0 replies

Teams Interoperability UI Scaling

Hi all, We currently are using Zoom Rooms (latest version) in one of our conference rooms, and have been having some struggles with the teams UI inside of Zoom Rooms being extremely small. The TV is 4k, but everything else scales completely fine besi...