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Zoom Room with assistive listening (ALS)

Hello. It is required per California Code that all conference rooms with audio/video be equipped with an assistive listening system. I have a small, simple conference room with one screen, running a Zoom Rooms appliance (say, a Neat Bar or a Logitech...

Neat Sense on Neat Bar Pro

I'm setting up a new Zoom Room with a Neat Bar Pro and Neat Pad controller.Everything is working as expected except the Neat Sense environmental monitoring. It's supposed to report the Temperature, Humidity, VOC, and CO2 in the room. It's showing the...

KelvinL by Listener
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Phone Booths / Zoom Rooms

Has anyone experience with have done a lot of research on phone booths ad zoom rooms for use in our office; we need 4. Their website looks professional. They are very well priced compared to others, the quality looks excellent, ...

Zoom Room Time Left Clock on Screen

Anyone know how to turn this off?This "Time Left: 1092:00" started showing up on the Zoom room display. I can't find any room or controller settings that explain what this is or how to turn it off. It also doesn't go down in time. It shows up as 1092...

rwooten by Listener
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Adjustable room setup

Hi, I am looking for a Zoom Rooms setup that can handle a room that is sometimes split using permanent deviders (Image attached) to turn the room into two distinct rooms. As the room is split, the table layout changes quite often so the microphones w...

Zoom Room iPad scheduler display

We have two iPads used up show the Exchange resource calender for each room using Zoom Room Scheduler. When booking directly from the iPad the upcoming meetings update pretty much instantly. When a new meeting is added directly to the calendar from O...

Can't hear audio from HDMI input.

When connecting to our Zoom Room via HDMI the laptops sound can't be heard. The laptop's HDMI audio shows up as a separate microphone. The only way to hear the laptop's audio is to switch from the Room's microphone from the DSP ceiling mics to the HD...

ryanneve by Listener
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