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Breakout rooms from iPad Pro

I use an iPad Pro as my main device - I do not have a desktop PC. I have a business account and have waited patiently for 2-3 years for Zoom to sort out compatibility issues so that I can use breakout rooms… It hasn’t happened yet! Please can you tel...

Fiona_W by Listener
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Zoom Video Loss on MTR

We have an ongoing issue where Zoom meetings on an MTR lose video shortly into the call. All audio and video being sent from the room works, but video into the room from the Zoom call will glitch and eventually go to a black screen. We haven't tested...

Resolved! Zoom Room Intune Kiosk

We have a Zoom room setup with digital signage enabled.The computer we are using for the Zoom room is running Windows 11 and setup as a kiosk in Intune.It seems like Kiosk modes works like it should. On start up, it automatically signs into the kiosk...

Scheduling display on a PC

I have a large number of Zoom rooms, several of which have a scheduling display outside (Neat Pad or similar). A couple of these are lecture theatres and we'd like something larger which will show the upcoming meetings within the room (at the moment,...

TomB89 by Listener
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