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Client not loading on Android

I am using an android 11 and zoom was working perfectly fine until today morning. Today morning i had to sign in again and since then when I close the app and opens it again, it shows "Unstable Network, tap to retry" and tapping doesn't do any good. ...

ZDM Issues for iPad Minis

Hello, we've been having iPad Mini 5/6s ZDM migration issues lately. We've been doing it globally on several sites until we've ran into a problem. When doing the ZDM migrate the zoom app is not automatically installed to the iPad when it should have....

Using Zoom on a Cisco Spark Board

Previously, when using Zoom on our Spark Board, attendees that would call in, would display in separate windows on the spark board. Now they display in one single window and the more attendees, the smaller they are in the single window. On Windows PC...

DeKoven by Listener
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Zoom default starting volume

OS: Window 10 I currently use window's volume mixer that allows different applications to have different volumes. Zoom currently starts at 100% volume. Changing the volume now does not seem to change the starting volume of the next use. Every solutio...

Resolved! Struggling to update to 64bit app version

I have a few Zoom rooms that are currently running app version 5.15.7 (3094) , 32bit. I'm trying to upgrade these to 64 bit via the admin web portal but don't see any option to do so. The Windows versions of each device is 64 bit so it should be capa...

Zoom Room Updates

Hi All, Every once in a while an update will push out for Zoom Rooms, and Zoom Rooms won't let us start or join any meetings. Pretty much, if an update pushes out, Zoom Rooms won't work until we update it. The issue is that we won't know when an upda...

user12 by Listener
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