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Resolved! Yealink A20 old App Version

Hi!We are running a Yealink A20 Meeting bar with an iPad as controller. The controller is using the latest 5.17 Zoom App from the App Store, the bar ist using a very old app version. The bar is running the latest firmware from YL, identi...

Zoom Rooms app crashes at midnight

We have a pilot room with everything new. Computer is running W11 and everything is up to date. Power settings are maxed out. Zoom Room app crashes every night around midnight. Any ideas what could be causing this? Once we reboot everything starts up...

Zoom Room Audio Issue with Google Meets

Hello.I have an issue with 2 zoom rooms out of 2.During a Zoom Call everything works fine.During a call using Google Meets:- participants can hear me- I can't hear participants: no audio comes out of the speaker, i can't hear anyone connected from th...

ValDC by Listener
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Resolved! Zoom Room Settings

I need to set up the same settings for all of our Zoom Rooms. Can this be done 1x for all, or do I have to adjust the settings for each room individually? I am not able to add the room as a "group".

SIP/H.323 Favorite Contact Zoom Rooms

I think this is more of a feature request than anything but is there a way to create a SIP/H.323 Favorite in "Contacts" and have it automatically display the keypad for touch tones once it connects? We've currently created one for our Poly Zoom Rooms...

dfm3 by Listener
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