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Zoom Room with assistive listening (ALS)

Hello. It is required per California Code that all conference rooms with audio/video be equipped with an assistive listening system. I have a small, simple conference room with one screen, running a Zoom Rooms appliance (say, a Neat Bar or a Logitech...

Resolved! Limited Time For Meetings

What I've observed is that the time is limited according to certain meetings. I'm on the latest update on zoom and still can't seem to get enough time to host my meetings, now I'm not sure if it's something that I need to change, check or whatever. S...

Phòng thu phóng cá nhân

Hôm trước tôi tổ chức cuộc họp nhưng tự nó giới hạn phòng ZOOM tôi 40 phút tôi trả biết làm thế nào để tắt giới hạn 40 phút đó ? Giúp tôi với