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Previous Webinar Disappeared

Solved : "Upon checking, a non-recurring webinar ID will expire 30 days after the meeting is scheduled for. With this being said, completed webinars only remain on the previous webinar tabs for 30 days. But all your webinars for 1 year are still save...

ZmUni oleh Listener
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Payment receipts

Hi, I have not been able to locate the payment receipts for my previous subscriptions. Where are these saved or who do I talk to get then e-mailed to me?ThanksJohnny

Trouble hearing a music student playing piano

I n the last 6 months, I am having trouble hearing a music student playing the piano on Zoom. I have enabled "original sound for musicians" and it does not seem to help at all. This did not used to be a problem. I am a MAC user if that makes a differ...

baklipp oleh Listener
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Zoom meeting invites

One of my invitees to a Zoom meeting complained that there was no way for the invite to got to his calendar other than him manually entering it. He was looking for the line to accept or deny, which if accepted would presumably enter it in his calenda...

jackerman oleh Listener
  • 790 Kali Dilihat
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Please help! It keeps saying "Recorded on a different computer"

Hi all. I just finished an important Zoom meeting but can't access the recording because it keeps saying "Recorded on a different computer".- I've only used this pc- I only have 1 zoom account- I used my cell for the video/audio (not sure if that cha...

vic123 oleh Observer
  • 31 Kali Dilihat
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Second window opens when someone else screen shares

When someone else screen shares, it is now opening up in a new, second, window. It leaves all of the participant videos open in the original window. How do I get these back into one shared window where I can just adjust the layout to grid/pinned/etc?...


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