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Testing a phone prior to signing up?

Hello I have a Yealink T41P which is listed as certified hardware, however there is a caveat in the Yealink notes section which states that ZTP is allowed only once on this model post it's EOL date in June 2020. The assisted provising guide appears t...

nickccc by Listener
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Cannot make calls from Zoom client

I recently ported a number from Google Voice. I can make and receive calls from the mobile app -- but not the Windows Desktop client. It gives me a 'click to call' button - but, when I click it, nothing happens. I can see 'contacts' -- but, when I cl...

Zoom Phone - Media by Pass

Hi,I want to ask if it is possible to implement "Media By-Pass" in Zoom Phone and BOYC. The main point is to keep SIP media between the Session Border Controller (SBC) and the client instead of sending it via the Zoom Phone when the SBC and the clien...

Alex_z by Listener | Zoom Partner
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Action Required: Update Certificate Trust Stores

Our company received an email that had the subject "Action Required: Update Certificate Trust Stores" Then proceeded to say: "In keeping up with standard industry practices, Zoom will be updating its current single sign-on (SSO) certificate ahead of ...

bktcoe by Listener
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Poly VVX 350 Configuring Key

Hey All I have attempted to configure a Poly VVX 350 using the Provision template in zoom, I want to configre the VM key to just dail *86 vs going through the menu. This is what I have tried so far. Both of these methods have not worked so far.

Resolved! Setting Polycom VVX 350 Default Ringtone

Hello, We are trying to set a global default ringtone for these devices. I have created a provisioning template and tried using the following variables. None of them led to it setting a default ringtone. I have tried looking at Poly's other documenta...