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Search Enhancement

It would be nice if all search fields performed a "contains" search instead of "begins with" For example:Phone System Management => Phones & DevicesIt would be nice if the last Hex digits of the MAC were searchableSince all of my phones are from the ...

Resolved! Yealink transfer mode via DSS key

Hi all, I'd like my default transfer on yealink desk-phones to be "assisted" i can do this by changing the "Transfer Mode via Dsskey" in the yealink web interface but is there any way i can provision it in zoom for all users ? thanks

aides83 by Listener
  • 1 replies

Provisioning & dial plan/ digit map

Hello, new zoom admin here, I have succesfully transferred one of my users (out of 30ish) as a test, and after provisioning the phone and porting the number over, everything is working just fine, except that she now has to press "send" after entering...

Resolved! Can't assign my newly purchased Metered Phone Plan.

I currently have nine phone users, five with the unlimited plan and 4 four metered plans. I purchased an additional Metered plan successfully, but when I try to assign it to a users the drop down states the I have 0 (Zero) available. I started a serv...

BCCZoom by Listener
  • 5 replies

Proposed Phone Configuration with Zoom

Hi Community, I am being frustrated by Zoom pre-sales support. I want to accomplish the configuration in the photo below. I need both existing phone numbers to go to the auto-attendant. I would be willing to set up 3 auto-attendants which could be id...

David91 by Listener
  • 4 replies

Zoom Phone- Outbound caller ID

Does anyone know if I can limit which caller ID options the users can use? I have 4 divisions with 2-5 phone numbers each. I only want them to be able to call out from the main phone number for the divisions. So 4 numbers on the list of about 20. Tha...

Poly Edge B30 - Multicast template

Hi all. I have a batch of Poly Edge B30 phones I purchased.These are going in a store/shop environment.I need to be able to hit a page button and have the message go over the phones and also the paging system in the shop.With Yealink, I was able to d...