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What is Zoom Team Chat?

Zoom Team Chat connects teams and streamlines communication through securely integrated messaging software. Explore the Zoom Community's Recent Activity below to join the Team Chat conversation and connect with other members. If you're still looking for support, browse our Zoom Team Chat support articles or start a new discussion below!

Recent Activity

Error Code 2008 on a free account

Hi, I hope someone can help.i was in a zoom meeting hosted by an organisation when I got disconnected due to a network/ISP issue. I reconnected with a different ISP but kept on getting an error code 2008.I've tried uninstalling Zoom and reinstalling ...

Disabled cloud recording Access

I recorded a zoom meeting using cloud, but I can't access it. When ever I try to open it, the page shows' IT admin has disabled the access to your recordings page.' What do I do? I can't get a hold of admin.

Unable to view last message when chat is disabled.

  Whenever the chat is disabled in webinar mode by the host, attendees can't see the last message sent in the chat. It will hide under the banner 'Chat is disabled'. I am currently using Ubuntu 20.04 and my system is Lenovo Ideapad.Hii @YaBoiB , if y...

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Настройка Zoom

Не подскажите как отключить отображение количества участников в конференции для тех, кто к ней подключается?Do not tell me how to disable the display of the number of participants in the conference for those who connect to it?

Anonymous Survey

I created a survey and never set the questions to be anonymous but that is how they answers have come in, I know have users that would like follow however I am unable to reach out. How can this be corrected?

Bylanan by Listener
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Blocked user

I blocked a user and he blocked me back and then deleted me. I cannot send him a contact request. How do I add him again

karan12 by Listener
  • 2 replies

Zoom pedindo código para Inicio de Reunião em Celualr

Ao acessar a reunião por celular o zoom está criticando com a mensagem de Detectamos um início de sessão incomum de um dispositivo ou local que você não usa normalmente. Se foi você, insira o código abaixo para iniciar sessão no Zoom. Como resolver??