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Webinar Chat history

All the information I see is about "meeting chat history"; my webinar doesn't show up under meetings, and Chat history doesn't show up under webinars. I don't know where else to look.Could you tell me how I get my webinar chats? That feature should b...

Alice22 by Listener
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Chat Jumps Around

Hey FamI have long had an issue with the chat window jumping around whenever a new message comes in, or trying to scroll around. It never scrolls fluidly, jumping around as I get toward the end of the messages. This makes it very difficult to read th...

how to change chat history

Hello I need someone helps if anyone canI was looking threw my zoom and notice that i have a thing that said 1 year messages have been deleting and said i choose those setting but i dont remember choosing those so two questions A) how do change my ch...

finley2 by Listener
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Clear Chat On Chrome MacBook Air

I am currently using a MacBook Air, but I cannot download zoom, so I am using zoom on Chrome but I can't see a way to "clear chat history". On Windows computer app, I see clear chat history once you press on the three dots on the top right corner, bu...

Turning off Team Chat or Team Chat notifications

I can't stand Team Chat.Ideally, I'd be able to disable Team Chat entirely—my team and I have absolutely no use for it, and I've gone as far as requesting nobody comment during meetings in the in-meeting chat to avoid further notifications. At the ve...

dont by Listener
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Block Team Chat - History Messages

Dear all,I've successfully created a group to block team chat to some users.Question is: is it possible to grant these users access to their chat history?I mean, they must not send messages but they should be able to see old messages.At this moment, ...

Zoom Admin - Chat Reports missing

We are trying to back up chat history for users who are no longer with our company, but I'm not seeing certain options as listed in the documentation ( I'm unable to find "Chat...

Team Chat Editing misuse

Zoom chat allows edits to chats. Especially one co-worker of mine consistently edits his chats after the fact and then cites the edited version to prove that he did or didn't say something. He writes snarky comments then deletes them. Apart from scre...

rh71 by Listener
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inicio sesión zoom

Tengo una cuenta gratuita, y querría saber si existe la posibilidad de saber desde qué equipos o ips se ha conectado esa cuenta. Trabajo en un centro educativo, y uno de nuestros estudiantes denuncia que alguien se ha hecho pasar por él.¿Tenemos que ...