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Resolved! Chat saving

Hey,So I’ve been wondering if a Participant in a meeting where I’m the host can save the chat. Especially the messages that were sent after he left. For example when 5 people leave the meeting and two are left in it and they chat with each other. I k...

Resolved! Mentioned you filter

I am having difficulty in understanding what the @ Mentioned you filter actually does.I have lots of chats with various contacts and as such I guess that these mention me as one of the correspondents. If that is the case when I click on the filter I ...

How to save private chats between participants

Hello, I am planning to do research on intrateam communication.I will get consent from participants and then record the meeting.I also want to get data of public chat and private chat.Is it possible to save private chats between members? Also, should...

Zoom chats saving is frustrating

Hello everyone! I used to use Zoom on an old Mac and therefore I was using an old version. Now that I upgraded my Mac and using the latest version of Zoom I find saving zoom chats really frustrating. I am a language teacher and I use the Zoom chat du...

New members not seeing previous chat

Hello! I was tasked with creating a channel with the following specifications:Must be admin-only for posting (so read-only for everyone else)Must allow new members to see previous chatThe problem is, I have created a new channel with admin-only posti...

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