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Hi, I logged into my account after 2 years and found that I all my texts are gone but my main issue is that I cant see or download any of the files (videos/pictures) I sent to myself specifically.

Moon3 by Newcomer
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How to change External Contact to Company Contact

I found one of my company contact member became an exernal contact member.It means he/she stays in both 2 contacts list.How did it happened?I want he/she only be a member of company contact.Should I remove the member from External Contacts list? Or, ...

zoom contacts

i am not able to add a person neither the person is able to add me we have not even blocked each other

Enable and download group conversations

Good afternoon everyone, could you please help me, I have access to Zoom, but I need to download group messages, I followed the tutorial but it said I don't have access, restricted access (200), I am the owner of the account, could you please help me...

Unable to add external contacts to Channels

Evening all I am suddenly having issues adding external contacts/users to my channels. I have been able to do this for years yet suddenly today I am unable to. It states that an invite has been sent to the account yet those account holders have recei...