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Unable to add external contacts to Channels

Evening all I am suddenly having issues adding external contacts/users to my channels. I have been able to do this for years yet suddenly today I am unable to. It states that an invite has been sent to the account yet those account holders have recei...

I can't create a chat group

I can't create a chat group, people added to the group need to be confirmed, but they don't receive any notifications

S-staff by Listener
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How to Alert Entire Org

Hi! I am exploring ways to enhance mass emergency notifications. In addition to using other methods, such as mass text or phone call, the case study here would be to enhance the current capabilities and hit employees via Zoom (chat or call) during re...

Change availability status via script

We use another phone software. When a call is made, the status in Zoom should automatically be set to not available.Would this be possible via a registry entry or by changing a configuration file? We want to create our own script.

kdn by Listener
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Ritorno dell'affetto in 72 ore

Buongiorno . Entro 72 ore posso garantire di riportare tuo marito, tua moglie, il tuo amore che ti ha lasciato per anni o mesi senza motivo, non hai avuto sue notizie. Lui non ti chiama e piangi molto, hai problemi di lavoro, ti blocchi, hai provato ...

Chat setting on but not working

Hi! I have all of the basic chat settings on for our account but not able to save the chats or take screenshots of them. For some reason when I am hosting a zoom I can see the chat feature on the host panel, but the attendees do not see the chat opti...