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Turn off zoom chat channels

Can anyone point me to the documentation that turns off zoom chat and channels outside of a meeting? I'd like folks to be able to chat during meetings, but the chat should not extend past the lifetime of the meeting and we don't want to use the chann...

Resolved! Join A Channel list cut off

I recently joined a Zoom organization and when I try to browse channels using the "Join a Channel" function I notice it's arbitrarily cutoff around the letter "F" but there are definitely more channels in the org. Is this working as intended, or shou...

Profile Photo of Channel

There is no feature to set the profile pic of channel . I request to zoom team that bring this feature to zoom app ThankYou

New members not seeing previous chat

Hello! I was tasked with creating a channel with the following specifications:Must be admin-only for posting (so read-only for everyone else)Must allow new members to see previous chatThe problem is, I have created a new channel with admin-only posti...

Wisher by Listener
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Resolved! Public Groups

Even though I make a Public group none of my friends can see the group Any Solutions?

Resolved! How to unhide zoom channel

I have updated my zoom app to version 5.7.5 (1020). I hid my zoom channel and I am unable to unhide it. Some of the channels show up when someone is added or someone sends a message in it. I searched for the solution on google and they work with olde...