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Turning off Team Chat or Team Chat notifications

I can't stand Team Chat.Ideally, I'd be able to disable Team Chat entirely—my team and I have absolutely no use for it, and I've gone as far as requesting nobody comment during meetings in the in-meeting chat to avoid further notifications. At the ve...

dont by Listener
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Report child video

Our AA group had a Zoom meeting on 3/29/24. We have people come into our meetings just to disrupt it. We kick them out that's the end. But tonight A person came into the Zoom meeting and was playing a video of a young girl being instructed to undress...

Pinning message in chat

Is there some way to pin a message in the chat so whenever someone joins late, they'll be able to see a pinned message in chat no matter how far up or down they scroll? If this isn't a feature, this really should have been implemented a while back. I...

extern link to chat

Hi,I would like to know if from a web directory that includes all the people in my organization, if it is possible by clicking on a person automatically launch the Zoom client and start a discussion with this person.Thk.

Personal contacts (Zoom call/chat grayed out)

Hi, I have just created all my contact on a CSV file uploaded them to personal contacts. Now I am using a samsung tablet and can't call them even if they are on line.When I click on a contact the video call, voice call & chat are all grayed out... Is...

Team Chat Messages

I am only receiving team chat messages via sms on my android. They are no longer appearing in the team chat tab.

mattr by Listener
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Team Chat on Free Account

I wanted to state up front that a group on guys on the free account is looking for a solution to the fact that IOS Text strands when there are both Android Users as well as IOS users seem to not work after about 20 people are added there. With this i...

BruceR1 by Listener
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