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Zoom Team Chat Chromebook

I have been using my MacBook when I have been working remotely, but I just transitioned to my Chromebook last week. I was able to use the zoom Chromebook app with no issues last week.But when I logged into zoom this week, I am having issues viewing m...

Mcb89 by Listener
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Pinning message in chat

Is there some way to pin a message in the chat so whenever someone joins late, they'll be able to see a pinned message in chat no matter how far up or down they scroll? If this isn't a feature, this really should have been implemented a while back. I...

Chat, Email, and Calendar all in one place!!

I am LOVING how I can access Team Chat, my Gmail Calendar, and Gmail all in the Zoom Client! I haven't needed to open a web browser in weeks. Super helpful! If you have not already updated and integrated your email and calendar with your Zoom client,...

AmyB by Listener | Zoom Employee
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decrypt zoom chat message fails

Dear Community,unfortunately Zoom is not able to decrypt messages form an external contact person. The message shown is (the system has german language) "[Dies ist eine verschlüsselte Nachricht]", (translated) "[This is an encrypted message]".A red e...

Apple Vision Pro Team Chat?

Is Team Chat not a feature of the Apple Vision Pro edition? I realize there is chat within the meetings, but my company uses the Team Chat module all day as our company chat program outside of meetings. Is this a feature you are planning to add? Or i...

cgroves by Listener
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In team chat, what causes a video to be embed or not?

We post lots of videos in the chat and sometimes, they're embed and you can preview them just by clicking the play button, sometimes they're not embed and you have to download the file and open it separately outside of Zoom. I can't seem to figure ou...

custom emoji

when ever i try to add a custom emoji, it is saying i am no longer authorized to edit custom emoji. the article on zoom's support page on how to enable custom emoji, it is saying to go to account settings, but i cant find account settings and when i ...


how does this work?

kids by Listener
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