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Folders in Chat for contacts not showing up on mobile device

In v5.10.0 of Zoom, a feature was added "Folders for grouping chats and channels". This is a great feature and I took to it right away organizing people into folders. However, if you do this, and then try to access those contacts on your mobile devic...

tbarry by Observer
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Resolved! Transfer executable file via chat file transfer

I work for a software development company and we have the need to send program updates to clients frequently. Sometimes, these updates include executable files. If I zip up files and part of those files is an executable, the zip file transfers via th...

ChromeOS is blocking Chats and Channels

Hi, We are running Zoom in ChromeOS and the Chat side is just a never ending loading circle. As far as I know nothing is being blocked on the admin side. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Pic is attached, thanks.