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break out room

I do not know if I have the right location.But my issue is first my frustration with Zoom customer service. I upgraded to Pro plan and know I do not get a human to talk with, but Chat is not working to solve the issue. I need easy. I have to cohost a...

api error: The user does not exist

when I use the API to create a meeting I receive this error: {“code”:1001,“message”:“User does not exist: *******”} the procedure is correct, because with another of our accounts it works fine. But only with one, in the other four that we have it giv...

Screen share authorization

Dear Support,I need my calls to have a pre-setting so that in all of my calls multiple users have permission to share their screen by default. (without needing my authorization during the call). Any ideas?Many thanks in advance, Vasiliki

Failed update pro version

I've got a problem with the update. I've already payed for the pro version but my account still shows me basic. Under "actual plans" it says I've got an outstanding subscription and I have to wait until zoom sends me an email. I've already got this e...

How to Alert Entire Org

Hi! I am exploring ways to enhance mass emergency notifications. In addition to using other methods, such as mass text or phone call, the case study here would be to enhance the current capabilities and hit employees via Zoom (chat or call) during re...

Resolved! Reminders in Team Chat on mobile app

I have set a few reminders on posts in Team Chat. I would like to review them and potentially mark one as Done that was set for a future date, however I'm not able to find them.I found an article (

SLane by Listener
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Resolved! Installing Updated Zoom on Windows 10 pro

I received a message saying I need IT to update my computer to latest version above 5.12 This is my personal computer, I am IT for my business. So I uninstalled and went to reinstall from site as recommended. It seems to have installed the same previ...